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Hello again,


I am looking for a really big beanie to crochet for my fiance. We worked out the circumference of his head and it's 22 inches around. So, I am looking for a beanie to fit that size, preferably bigger by an inch or so, I don't want it to fit too snugly and have it be uncomfortable lol. If any of you have a free pattern link I can have to crochet from, that would be so awesome.


Thank you in advance if I can't get to you right away to do so! ^-^

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because hats have stretch you really don't want the hat to be larger than the head circumference, but actually an inch or so smaller.  When making a hat the circumference of the beginning round before you don't increase anymore should be approximately the end circumference of the hat.


Check out this page for hat sizes http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/size-chart.html#hat


You will see from the chart his head isn't really that big and most any average hat pattern will fit him.  


Check out our free pattern directory here on Crochetville and I'd check Ravelry too.  There are lots of guy hats from the UBW (Ugly but Warm) hat to fancier beanies and even brimmed hats.

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Heck, that's not so big, my head is about is 21". 


Here is a site that gives you the math (y'know, pi and all that) to easily measure & adjust your hat for a custom fit.  It works with most patterns unless the stitch pattern is really complex.   The math part is about halfway down the page


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