I'm new here, but I LOVE Crochet!

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I'm Annie, from Reading PA-Sort of between Philadelphia & Allentown...
I started spinning my own yarn when I stopped being miserable about not being healthy enough to work anymore.
In a way, spinning and a visit to an on-line crafty & pogo friend saved my life.
I think had I not resumed my love for all things yarn & now fiber, my online friends, and crochet I would not still be here.
I am a wife, mom (of a 23yr old "knows everything" daughter) and I have a beautiful Affenpinscher pup who's 4 years old and I got her because of my visit, alone, to a friend in Texas that I met online...on pogo...an online game site.  Had I not walked her pup at the time, stopped being so needy with my canes, and gotten into better shape, my husband never would have let me get a dog at all."
I was very late in getting diagnosed with an Arnold Chiari Malformation of the brain, brain stem and it damages the spinal cord, in some cases-such as mine-irreparably.  I will continue to become more paralyzed as life goes on, but with good news... No specialist, neurologist, neurosurgeon or any other brain or spinal doctor thought that I would live more than 5 years post brain surgery, which was March 20th 2001.
So, between, spinning, crochet, other crafting, friends and my little Affie-Ruby, I'm still here alive and being lucky enough to meet all of you!
Annie---my given name is Andrea, people call me Anne, Andi, but my husband prefers Annie, so I use that most often.
Blessings to you all!

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What an inspiring introduction.  :welcome, Annie!  I'm from South Carolina.  It's so great to meet you.  I hope you enjoy finding your way around Crochetville.  There are so many finished projects to look at - the site can keep you busy for years!  LOL  I'm glad you joined us!  :)

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