Headband-opposite side of foundation.

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Hi, I'm making a head band and it's really wide over the forehead and narrow when it goes towards the back of the neck and my pattern says to;


    ".......SV in the next ch on opposite side of foundation ch, [ sk, 2ch, SV in next ch] 19 times, [sV, ch 5, sl st in 5th ch from hook, SV] in next 4-ch sp.


does it mean the opposite side of the chain? Cause this is the first round, and I know what SV means the pattern told me it means to sc, ch 2, sc, but it's the "opposite side of foundation....." that confuses me, so if you/someone could just explain it for me that'd be great, Thanks! :)

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welcome to the ville :hook


foundation is the chain you started with.  you are going to now place stitches in the other edge of it.  take the piece you have crocheted so far, lay it on a table with the chain at the bottom.  now pivot it around, like a hand on a clock, so that the chain is at the top.  that top edge is where you are to stitch now.  

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