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Surviving Your First STITCHES Event

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Will Stitches East in Santa Clara next week be your first chance to attend a Stitches conference? Read our latest blog post for 8 tips on how to survive without being totally overwhelmed!


Here's a sneak peek at the blog post:


Knitting and crochet conferences and events are an excellent opportunity to touch and feel more yarns, fibers, hooks, and tools than you could ever possibly find in your local community. You’ll also see more knitters and crocheters in one place than you’ve ever before seen in your life. There are so many activities taking place during the course of the conference, that it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed.




1. Remember You Are Not Alone.

Perhaps you came with a group of friends, but you’ve become separated out on the show floor. Perhaps you came all alone, looking forward to a time away from your real-life responsibilities. At first it’s fun walking around on your own, but soon you want to share this fantastic experience with others.




7. Make a Conference Calendar.

If you have an iPad, tablet, or smartphone, create a digital calendar. If you prefer a paper copy, create a calendar or schedule on your computer, print it out, and put it in a page protector. Make sure your conference calendar is with you at all times.


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