Coates & Clark tweedle Dee vest LM0275

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I am confused on Tweedle Dee crochet two tone vest LM0275 , by Coates & Clark.  


After Shape Front slope/divide for fronts and back left the directions say:

 ........Fasten off.




BACK: Keeping continuity of color change, with wrong
side facing, skip next 4 dc of last long row, join CA in
next dc; ch 3, [skip next dc, V-st in next dc, skip next dc]
12 (14, 16, 18) times, dc in next dc; turn. Work even in
pat on these 38 (44, 50, 56) sts until 1 row less than
Front to shoulder, end wrong side row.
Which last long row and where?  
Any clarification would be appreciated.

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This is the pattern you're using, correct?


The long row is referring to the longest row from the front of the garment.  You'll want to do that from the wrong side of the piece.  It appears that the left side of the front is worked, then you fasten off and work the back.  So, pick the longest row, make sure it's the wrong side and skip 4 dc and attached your yarn.


At least that's how I interpret the instructions.  Keep in mind I haven't made it so I have no idea what your piece looks like right now.  If you're still confused or if you think I'm incorrect, please post a picture of what you have so far.  Seeing it will help a lot.

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