I'm looking for some tiny booties

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Hello everyone,


I am looking for a pair of tiny booties. I have a stuffie that I want to make a small pair of booties for. The soles of his feet are 2 inches long. I have looked everywhere for a pattern and have even tried to downsize some of them but, with no luck. I even tried to upsize a few patterns that I had seen for premie babies (which by the way are cute little things) but no such luck either. 


If any of you have a pattern or have found a pattern that is free and easily upscaled or downscaled, please link it to me, it would be very very much appreciated ^-^

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I think I remember a link from Crochet Pattern Central for American Doll slippers, that might work for what you are looking for. I made some for my daughter's

AG doll and they were really cute.

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