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A simple click to all new posts....

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I have such a hard time finding things. The posts will say for example 2009, or the topic, and I will have no clue if this is 1 that has a new current 2013 post. Would like to be able to make 1 click and a list of all new since I was here show up...just theose, not the ones cdated way back. if this is here, so sorry because I am overlooking it. I love this site, but would be here a little more if I could find a simpler way to get around and see what is still current.

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do realize that if someone is posting to a thread that STARTED in 2009 that is still going to be the beginning date on the thread that you would see in the list.  

On the upper right, just below the ebay search is "view new content".  On the left  is the choices of what you want to see.  I have mine set to forum and "new since my last visit".  

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