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Hi All, 

I'm going through a need-for-inspiration- stage in my crochet career. I've been at it on and off for years (decades?! :yes ), and over the past few years I've been spinning raw wool and making things like hats and socks. I'd love to do more with raw wool and there's not much out there, well, not that I've found so far. ;) I do like dark colours, chocolates and charcoals mainly, that's what I'm spinning just now. :D I do admire the brilliant works in coloured wools :clap , but hey there you go. I prefer the black  sheep. 


That's about it, I'd love to hear from others who prefer undyed raw wool.   



Thanks, Terry  

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Hi!  :welcome from South Carolina.  I haven't ventured into spinning yet, but it is on my list of things to eventually try.  I hope you enjoy your time on Crochetville.  :)

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Well, thanks everyone! I'll have a look at your links and sites ... 


For anyone wanting to try spinning, I say "go for it". It has deepened my enjoyment of wool. I know some don't like the smell of whatever wool picks up in paddocks but over that the smell and feel is wonderful. Nothing better on a cold wet day to put yourself away and get busy. You can also adjust your wool to suit your personal preferences.


Hey raw wood guy, me too! We live on 80 heavily timbered acres. Just getting into carving... 


Thanks everyone, Terry   

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