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I promised my 4yr old niece that if I opened an Etsy shop or something similar I would name it after what she calls her dolls, so I did.  She calls her dolls dolly dollys so my etsy shop is called Dolly Dolly Creations, just for her!  Here are some of my most recent dolls I've made! 




If you want to see more just click the link in my sig.  It goes to my facebook page. :)


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those are just toooooooo cute!

Many of them look like they are disney inspired.

Love them!!

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Thank you very much everybody!!! I'm so glad you like them!!  I'm actually having a doll give-away this weekend over at my facebook page if any of you are interested!  Link is in my sig!  


I made a new Tinkerbell doll but I won't post it because it looks just like the one I already posted!  But I do have some more dolls I haven't posted yet! post-60082-0-36737500-1361449944_thumb.jpgpost-60082-0-73449000-1361449945_thumb.jpgpost-60082-0-75945500-1361449946_thumb.jpgpost-60082-0-82596000-1361449947_thumb.jpgpost-60082-0-82774600-1361449948_thumb.jpgpost-60082-0-81833600-1361449949_thumb.jpgpost-60082-0-82779000-1361449950_thumb.jpgpost-60082-0-85408800-1361449951_thumb.jpgpost-60082-0-83042700-1361449952_thumb.jpgpost-60082-0-56536600-1361449954_thumb.jpg  :)



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