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I was just wondering if it would benefit crochetville in any way, to delete those members that haven't been on the ville, for a year or more?  I happen to be going through some of the birthdays for today, and a lot of them, haven't been on the ville since 06 and o7. They can always rejoin, if they come in, and find their password and name is no longer registered. I would think it would save some room somewhere, or benefit in some way?

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Katie, Donna and I are not reluctant to take steps that are for the benefit of our Crochetville community. If deleting inactive members would benefit us in any way, we would have already done so quite a long time ago. :) We are pretty competent at managing the site, or at least we try to tell ourselves we are, although some might disagree. :D


Maybe it will help if I explain why we don't need to delete members who haven't visited for awhile. Storage space is not an issue. Bandwidth isn't even an issue. Server load, the number of people online at one time doing things on the forum, is the limiting factor. And we actually want more and more people to visit the site, so we aren't concerned about the number online at any time. When that number grows to the point it affects server performance, we'll just upgrade to a bigger, better server.


Deleting inactive members wouldn't create any kind of benefit for us. In fact, it would have just the opposite effect, and cause a lot of problems.


1. A member account in and of itself doesn't take up much space in the database. The only way to free up space by deleting a member would be to delete everything that member ever posted. We're a content-based site. Deleting a lot of threads and posts would be very detrimental to our site. It would break thread links that Google has indexed; links that drive traffic to Crochetville through Google searches. It might also break links to Crochetville that have been posted on other sites. So we wouldn't delete the content.


2. Even if deleting just an account record would help us by freeing up space, it causes another problem. That person's name would be set to "Guest" and then there would be no way to access that person's posts (to edit, delete, move, etc.) in case there was ever a need to do so.


3. Quite a few members cycle in and out over the months and years, as their life changes. They'd be pretty upset to come back and find all their old posts were gone or that they no longer had access to any of their old posts even thought the posts still existed.


Is there anything going on when you visit the site that makes you think we need more room somewhere?

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