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Afghan Pattern with Rows of Hearts

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I am looking for a pattern I saw a while back. It's rows of colored hearts separated by rows of dc. It starts with a row of dc usually done in white, then you do a row of shells in a contrasting color, then you do another row in white that makes the shells look like they are hearts. It's a repeat of those three rows. I've tried several different searches, but get way too many results to weed through.


It's not the pink and red one by Kim Guzman, although that one is lovely too! :) I honestly have no idea where I saw it. Could have been a freebie on a website, could have been in a magazine or book, or maybe even a paid download. I just don't know. My memory just isn't what it used to be!  :sigh


Thanks for any help in finding it.. :hug

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