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Good Afternoon!


I need someone to assist me w/ something please. I am currently trying to find a pattern that I can give to a newly married couple, they are getting married in March & I would love to make something that is handmade. I have found one item but I want a couple ideas before I reallly choose what I am going to make them. I would to make something that has a bride & groom connected somehow.


Also, my 4 year old son love a couple different characters & I would to crochet something in these charactors. He loves Buzz & Woody from toy story & also adores most of the characters from Veggie Tales. Any suggestions or assistance in this would be wonderful.

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Would you want to make an afghan for this young couple? Here are two from the Red Heart site with hearts incorporated into the design. They are both shown in pink, but either would be lovely wedding present if you made them in off white or ivory.


Aran Hearts Throw  or  Hearts and Diamonds



(Changed the link from the red heart one to the one here - Our Crochetville Free Pattern Directory link went right to,  All set!)

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the hearts and diamonds above goes to a is the correct link (I hope!)  I can see this one done in 2 colors, maybe their fav colors or??


edit: helps that I PUT the link IN! 


hmmm puter won't let me do it..ok trying diff computer next

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