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We're back!---READ THIS FIRST!

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I was hoping that you would keep the option to sort posts by forums. Also I don't see where it shows that one has already posted in a thread. I know that you are working hard on making this a better site and I appreciate that. I'm just having a difficult time figuring this new layout. Oh, did I miss the spell check option? That is something I use a lot.

It's not exactly the same as the old forum, but you can do something similar. You can choose which forums are displayed for you Under View New Content. Click View New Content (right side of blue memu bar) > then scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar > under Other, click Filter by forum > click on every fourm you want to see new content from > when you are done click Save. If you want to remove forums or add more forums later, you can follow the same procedure. (To remove a forum, just click on it again, and it will un-highlight.)

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