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I have a Question about Stitching in the beginning. I'm a newbie at crocheting. I tried younger and I could not get it down yet. I have ADHD and other problems. But, I like to get down to it. I like making blankets and like to stitch more. I get stuck often. I forget and overwelm myself. I get anxiety. My mom would does not know how to help me on that. She says its supposed be a calming thing to do. But, I get frustrated with it at times. I get frustrated with the stitching and doing it for a long time. I get this forgeting to do the stitch as I am doing it.


So I was thinking If granny squares is better for me because I don't stay on one stitch pattern. But, I was told by my mom that I need to know all the stitches first before the granny squares. Because, the stitches I need to learn are in there to do it. But, someone I worked with that knew how. Said totally different that it is possible to learn granny squares before making a continued stitching project. I like granny squares alot and matching colors. I think of it all the time and I like to get through the the spot I'm stuck at.


Which is "the ADHD anxiety". I don't take meds for it. It's not that bad. I like to do it and make them for people I love and pass them as a gift and earn side money. And Donations. I like to make baby stuff in my location.


So please help me. I like to get going with this project.

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