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Marvin the Minion


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I was asked to make one of these for a friend who's son has one that needs a new minfriend. I found the pattern http://wolfdreamer-oth(DOT)blogspot.com/2010/07/despicable-minion.html


Just replace the (DOT) with an actual dot and add the http:// part because for some reason it cuts it off. If you just can't use the link, search for WolfDreamer OTH on blogspot.


She hasn't given permission to sell a bunch but told another girl that if someone wants to compensate you for your time and effort she wouldn't object, so I won't be making more for sale. The funny thing is the boots he is wearing are actually the back feet from my skunk pattern! I noticed that they looked like tiny boots and have been waiting for something to try them on. I would highly recommend this pattern, it is one of the few that I have made hardly any changes on and was very easy to follow.




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