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Crochetville CGOA Cyber Chapter: Would You Be Interested?


Would You Join a Crochetville CGOA Cyber Chapter?  

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  1. 1. Would You Join a Crochetville CGOA Cyber Chapter?

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If we started a CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) Cyber Chapter for Crochetville members, would you be interested in being part of the group?


Group members would work together to determine how the group should function, but some possibilities include:



  • No chapter member dues, but members would be encouraged to join the national organization if possible
  • Members select one or two charities to support as a group
  • Informal lessons taught by a group member (via text, photos, and/or video)
  • Show and tell
  • Monthly chat sessions (either in a chat room or a discussion thread)
  • Anything else the group can dream up
  • In person meetings at the national conferences for those who are able to attend

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Skoggy, not a silly question at all since the group's name is "of America"!


Our cyber chapter will be open to everyone, regardless of location.


People from outside the US can even join the national CGOA organization if they wish.

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I think it would be great. There is a chapter in Manhatten; but I'm in Queens. It would probably take at least an hour to get there; but I also would not be able to go because of my store schedule. An online group works much better for me.

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I think it's a great idea since I am disabled and unable to get around easily. I live in the sticks and my husband carts me around to most things.(so I don't get out much, lol) With membership being online my problem is solved! :)

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Well, it looks like we have enough initial interest to make this a go. Cyber chapters are a relatively new thing for CGOA. They want the chapter groups to be coordinated on the CGOA website, so that's where we'll have the official chapter.


We can still talk about chapter things here, too.


CGOA's management company will be the one to set up our cyber chapter group, just as soon as they finish their training on how the group function works on CGOA's new site software.


I'll come back and post in this thread when they've created our group for us.

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Perfect for me as well! :cheer I'm a member of CGOA but there is no local chapter here in Vancouver, BC.

I've been able to find 1 knit/crochet group & it takes place Friday evenings ~my time with hubby

after his 60+ hour work week~ I'll be watching for more info!

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Yes, I'm happy to say I really do mean no dues REQUIRED!


Many local chapters of CGOA charge dues because they incur costs for renting meeting space, bringing in guest speakers, providing refreshments, and so forth.


As an online chapter, we won't have any of those expenses, so we won't need to charge dues.


CGOA only requires that one member of a chapter be a member of the national organization. Donna and I are each individual members and Crochetville is a corporate member, so we have that covered.


We will definitely encourage everyone in the online chapter to become a member of national CGOA, as we strongly believe in supporting the organization. However, we also realize some people are on incredibly tight budgets and have needs that take priority over membership. So while we'll encourage, we won't be pushy and we won't make anyone feel guilty for not joining.


Donna and I are still working on getting things up to speed here on the forum, I'm preparing to go to Stitches West in two weeks, and I'm also preparing a blog tour through crochet country with a bunch of CGOA designers that will take place during National Crochet Month in March.


I don't want you to think I've forgotten about organizing our cyber chapter, but I can't really work on it until after about the first week or so in March.


CGOA has two big conferences this year: one in Indianapolis and one in Charlotte, NC. We'll try to organize a chapter meetup at each conference. Since I'll be busy at each conference working in a vendor booth the whole show as well as organizing the Saturday Night CGOA Fun Night events, I will need to delegate the planning of that event to a chapter member. The conference schedule is so packed, we might need to just all meet for breakfast one morning.

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I'd definitely be interested is being part of this.  There is a local group here that meets weekly and is open to both members and non members, but it's Saturday afternoons and I'm usually busy with errands that didn't get done during the week :(

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