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Pattern Directory Log In help

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I was over in the pattern directory and tried to add one of the patterns to my favorites and it required me to log in...even though I am already logged into the forum.


When I tried to log in, it says "Invalid Username." Do you we have to register for an account at the pattern directory, separately?

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yes. the pattern directory is on crochetville.com, not .org But, it's early enough in the game, so to speak, that you may be able to create an account with the same username you use here for the 'ville. We have a twin set of sites. the village (crochetville.org) forum, and the .com site, full of blog, patterns and more.


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Our forum is run on forum software on one domain (.org).


The directory is run on WordPress software on another domain (.com).


They are two separate entities. At this point, you must have a separate account in each place.


Over the next, we will be migrating to a different software platform. At the same time, we're going to move the forum from .org to .com. However, at the beginning, since the forum and directory will still be on different software platforms, you'll still need separate accounts.


We are looking into the possibility of a bridge program that would allow members to have one login to use at both places. But we can't test that possibility until we've moved to the new platform.


(Just for the record, you also have to have a separate login for our digital pattern store at shop.crochetville.com.)


You should be able to create an account with your Crochetville username in all places, unless your name is very generic, like: Mary. :)

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Just to confirm for everyone, you do NOT have to be logged in to an account to submit a link to a free pattern.


If you create a free account (separate from your account here on the forum), you'll be able to create a listing of your favorite pattern links in the database. That's the only reason you MUST create an account.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


Link to free pattern directory: http://www.crochetville.com/freecrochetpatterns

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