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Crochet Cricket

Little Lady Hand Bag

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Hey guys,


**There is an updated version of this pattern with a bow click HERE**

So I have been super busy this holiday season with birthdays, Thanksgiving, and preparing for Christmas but whenever I have a few minutes to myself I can't help but pick up my crochet hook even when I'm exhausted.
I have been working on making a handbag pattern for my daughter and her cousin and I think that it's coming along nicely. Check it out!
Finished!! well except for the buttons lol
I did hand sew a lining into the bag but it was my first time and though it adds contrast and looks nice my stitch work is primitive at the moment.
Please remember that this pattern is more like guidelines and that nothing is set in stone. You are free to make your bag as you wish and I encourage you to do so. Be creative and post photos of your creations I would love to see them!
Here is a "Quick Photo" tutorial you can use for reference. It will give you the basic overview of the process of making this bag.

  • US 7/4.5mm hook
  • Medium worsted weight yarn (2 different colors)
  • Darning needle
  • 2 metal rings for straps


  • CH - chain
  • CHS - chains
  • RND - Round
  • SC - single crochet
  • HDC - half double crochet
  • OPP - opposite
  • STS - stitches
  • SK - skip
  • SP - space
  • BEG - beginning
  • SL ST - slip stitch
  • SC2TOG - single crochet 2 together
  • SC3TOG - single crochet 3 together

*Note RNDs 1-3 create base of bag*

  • CH 23
  • RND 1 - SC in second CH from hook. SC in next 20 CHS. 5 SC into the last CH. Work on OPP side of CH. SC in next 20 CHS. 4 SC in the last CH. Join. (50 STS)
  • RND 2 - CH 1. SC in next 22 STS. 3 SC in next ST. 1 SC in next ST. 3 SC in next ST. SC in next 22 STS. 3 SC in next ST. 1 SC in next ST. 3 SC in last ST. Join. (58 STS)
  • RND 3 - CH 1. SC in next 24 STS. 3 SC in next ST. 1 SC in next 3 STS. 3 SC in next ST. SC in next 24 STS. 3 SC in next ST. 1 SC in next 3 STS. 3 SC in last st. Join. (66 STS) Turn to wrong Side.

Base of Bag made by first 3 rows after foundation chain by working in a circle around the foundation chain
Now we begin to make the body of the bag

  • RND 4 - CH 1. SC around. Join.
  • RND 5 - CH 2. HDC around. Join.
  • RND 6- CH 3. SK 1 SP (or one ST). *1 HDC in next ST. CH 1. SK 1 SP. from * to end. Join in 2nd ST of BEG CH 3.

*Note repeating rows 5 and 6 is how I created the weaving detail. You can just crochet in the round with all sc/hdc/dc if you want. Just pick a stitch and go for it.*

  • RND 7 - REP RND 5
  • RND 8 - REP RND 6
  • RND 9 - REP RND 5
  • RND 10 - REP RND 6
  • RND 11-16 REP RND 5

The body of the bag is now finished and should look something like this.
End of Rounds and Beginning of rows for Front Flap. Ch 1 spaces have been left for weaving detail to add a contrast in color.
Before you begin to create your Front Flap you will need to SL ST over to the nearest corner of your bag. You should have 28 STS on the front panel of your bag and 28 STS on the back panel. This leaves 5 STS for each of the sides of your bag to make your straps.
Slip stitch over to the nearest corner before beginning to sc the Front Flap
Begin Rows for Front Flap

  • ROW 1 - SL ST 5 times to BEG of where your rows will start. Turn. CH 1 SC in next 28 STS.
  • ROW 2-7 - CH 1. 1 SC in 2nd ST from hook. SC to end. Turn.
  • ROW 8 - *Create Button Holes if desired* CH 1. SC in next 3 STS. CH 2. SK 2 SP. SC in next 18 STS. CH 2. SK 2 SP. SC in next 3 STS. (28 STS)
  • ROW 9 - Here I prepared for my edging. I needed 25 STS for my HDC Shell Edging because I needed it to be in multiples of 5. This is optional. You may choose another edging and need a different number of STS. I had to decrease by 3 STS. I began by a SC2TOG at the BEG of my row and ended with a SC3TOG. (25 STS) Turn.

Edging Detail. I choose the HDC Shell Edging.

  • ROW 10 - EDGING. SL ST. *SK next ST. 5 HDC in next ST. SK next ST. SL ST in next ST. From * to end.

Front Flap with HDC shell edging and two button holes
Now is the time to add your finishing details.
Make 3 chains as long as the circumference of your bag and weave them through the CH SP rows.
Weaving detail made by weaving chain a long PC of CH yarn through Ch1 spaces
Sew in all your tales.
Add your buttons (which I haven't done yet lol I misplaced my buttons)
Create your strap. To make the strap I did a chain of 6, sc in 2nd chain from hook and chained 1 on rows to make a strap 5 sc wide. Make your strap as long as needed for your child. I made mine a little too long so I tied a knot at the end and it gives it a nice look.
To attach your strap to the bag you will need to attach your contrasting colored yarn (grey in my case) and use the 5 sc spaces on each corner. I did 4 rows. Then you insert your metal rings and sew the seams closed. Make sure you sew this tightly because it is here that the weight of the bag will rest.
Straps made 5sc in width, Ch6 on Foundation row and ch 1 on turn Rows
Your Finished!! Congratulations. or if you want to add a lining...
Your almost finished!! Congratulations. Hehe. This is optional.
I used a tutorial I found on carriewolf.net http://carriewolf.net/tag/crochet-purse-pattern/

This is what my bag looks like with the lining. I did it by hand and its my first so its very rough. By all means use a sewing machine if you have one lol.
Use Linked tutorial to add a hand sewn or machine sewn lining to your bag.
Viola! Now you have a cute little lady hand bag for your daughter. I hope she loves it as much as my daughter does.
Please let me know what you think of these instructions. I would really appreciate any tips your have on my pattern. Thanks! and Happy Crocheting!

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This is a very sweet bag for a little girl.  I want to make one for my granddaughter and thought that instead of weaving the other color through the way you have shown, that I would make it a little longer and weave it so I could tie it in a bow on the front of the bag off to the side.  What do you think, would that work with your pattern?

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I actually made another version of this bag with a bow in the front. You can find it here. I put my bow directly on the front.  The purple bag pattern shown above has very small chain strands weaved through. The bag I made with the bow I made by doing a row of treble stitches with ch1 spaces between. Then I made a band the width of my treble stitches and weaved it through. I made a bow and attached it at the place where the end and beginning of my band met in the middle. You could put yours off to the side and slant it if you like. I hope this helps you. Let me know if you need anymore help :). Good Luck!

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