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Recycled Christmas Wreath


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Made this little wreath ornament using the plastic ring from a juice bottle (about 1-1/2" across). You can even glue a favorite photo behind the wreath (so the wreath acts like a frame).




Size E Crochet Hook

Worsted Yarn (green and red, or colors of your choice)

Round 1: Using the ring from a juice bottle (that connects to cap to the bottle, approx.. 1-1/2” across) crochet 24 sc around ring, join

Round 2: sc around increasing a stitch every 5th stitch.

Round 3: in 1st stitch (stitch you slip stitch into at end of round 2) 2 sc, 1 dc, 1 hdc; [slip stitch into next stitch; 2 sc; in next stitch 1 dc and 1 hdc] Work around, you may have to skip a stitch near the end for it to finish correctly join to beginning of row...

Before finishing off crochet a chain of 20 and and attach end back to the wreath for a hanging loop. Finish off and weave in the end.


With red yarn (or color of your preference) add French knots around the wreath and a bow.




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Pretty, I use to make something similiar to this only with those white plastic rings. And the one I remember making was fluffier somehow. Been to long ago I can't remember. Yours is very pretty!

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