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Copyright - Sometimes Little Guys Win

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I'm not sure whether this is copyright or contract law involved, as the last paragraph mentions a fine against Chanel for breaking a contract.


There was also mention that World Tricot submitted the design to Chanel but it was rejected.


I'd really like to see links to the court records to see exactly what the ruling was.

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Trust me when I tell you, the last thing you want to read a complicated decision from a French court even with a native French speaking Lawyer involved - not unlike when I have to read Japanese translations.


The contract issue had to do with Chanel accepted the design, went to contract for it production and then cancelled production plans. THEN came out with the knock off of the World Tricot's


the first court ruled breach of contract, the second hirer court, that because of the production of the knock off there was also copyright infringement since they had no rights to the design.

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No, I definitely don't remember enough of my high school and college French to be able to attempt that!


It would be interesting to read and know if they were able to pull in the copyright issue because of the pre-existing contract or if they would have been able invoke it if there had been no contract.


It will also be interesting to see if this carries over into any legal interpretations by US courts.

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