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Newbie, as of a year ago!

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Hello everyone!


I began exploring crochet and knitting a little over a year ago, on a quest to find a "hobby," when I had realized how many hours, days, weeks, months....I had spent [wasated] on farmville/cityville/etc.


Crochet seemed like a great start, since it's repetative (which clearly appeals to me: hence farmville), and doesn't take up much space, or require a lot of start-up......


After attempting to make a scarf without much instruction, I somehow figured to look up YouTube videos on crochet, and getting started.


For my birthday, my fiance got me a few hooks, some yarn, and knitting looms...... once I felt confident that I'd mastered the loom knit scarf for friends and family, I decided blankets are a good next place to start!


Funny- my enthusiasm was far greater than my mind could realize! Last winter I committed to 7 throw blankets, for christmas gifts (Im working on blanket 3 now...!)


future: i look forward to trying out my knitting board (though i know it's not crochet!) and learning new/more decorative stitches for projects!

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Welcome! Crochet is a wonderful hobby and there is so much new to explore. I've been crocheting for almost 40 yrs and I'm learning new things all the time.

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