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A Big Thank You... again

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This morning I was making my bed and spread out the most beautiful afghan made of many colored flowered squares... and it made me smile... and I puttered into the den and walked pass a rocker with a patriotic red white and blue themed afghan made of different squares....and as I sat on the sofa my feet were cold so I tossed a soft " in the round" grey afghan over my feet... and picked up my purple variegated shawl and placed it over my shoulders as I sipped my tea... and I kept smiling...and I wanted you all to know that after 4 years.. those very precious things still make me smile. When I was fighting cancer while my boy was in Iraq and dealing with the death of his buddy and being wounded himself, I could barely function in the day today... but friends like those here in the crochet community helped me heal....to look and think how many folks cared enough to take the time to pray for me.. and give of their time and yarn to walk with me through one of the bleakest times of my life.... once again, I thank you.......... don't ever feel like some hooky thing you do for someone won't help... because it did... and it does.... Love you folks!:hug

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