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2012 Holiday Time Wish Lists

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:wreath Happy Holiday's :wreath

Off to read others to see what I can give.



:wreath 1. A Christmas card

:wreath 2. Any fun fur or novelty yarn you no longer need or want

:wreath 3. 12" granny squares in bright colors ...... my husband had a major stroke along with a blood clot on his brain on Oct 15, he is now in a nursing / rehab center and I would like to make him a comfort ghan :manyheart

:wreath 4. Items to pamper me with ...... Calgon take me away!

:wreath 5. Soft yarn

:wreath 6. Chocolate any kind

:wreath 7 .Amazon, Walmart , Kmart or Meijer Gift Cards .... crocheting keeps me sane ......for crochet supplies and items my husband will be needing

:wreath 8. An EdgeryDoo Kithttp://www.edgerydoo.com/catalog%20002F.html

:wreath 9. Anything handmade by you.

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My husband passed away on Nov 17th

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:ctree Holiday Greeting Cards From you (Im happy to send some out back!)


:ctree Your favorite Holiday Recipe Cards


:ctree Any I Love This Yarn Yarn


:ctree Tree Ornaments


:ctree Plastic crochet hooks

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This is my favorite season!


1. Cat toys or treats


2. dog toys or treats


3. simply soft yarn in earth tones


4. cat or dog toy patterns ( a link to your favorite freebie is great!)


5. journal books ( the sort with lines.. I journal every day!)




7. Mary Englebreit stuff


8. squares for ghans for Fisher House ( where wounded warrior families stay while their loved ones are in the hospital or rehab)



9. a small doll and crochet patterns for clothes to crochet


10. Crochet World Magazine

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I do see some wishes I can grant this year.


ILTY that you may not like


holiday doilys made by you.


Dukes Mayo (ok we can't get this in our area and this would be for DH) Hubby received 4 jars from his favorite elf in FLA.


an Angel, Snowmen or Snowflakes made by you for me to display in my home


something to cheer my Mom she is in assistant living and loves things hand made.


Christmas Cards and possibly a pen pal


your favorite shower gel


Jimbo Hook (ok I can dream, can't I) received from a very good friend in NJ


Surprise Me


What I really want is for you to donate something to a charity. New York and New Jersey got hit pretty hard the past month and I know that they need all the help and prayers we can give them.


Happy Holiday's everyone

Edited by segi1974
received a Jimbo hook

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Hi everyone.


As you may have heard, I am going through the wonderful world of breast cancer. I have had my second surgery and frankly, it's worse than the first. Then I have to endure chemo, radiation and then injections for a whole year. It's just crazy that a little thing inside me the size of a peanut m&m can cause all this.


Things I would like to help boost my spirits are:


1. Handmade ornaments.


2. Chapstick or lipbalm.


3. pink yarns of any type.


4. Hard candies.


5. Get well cards.


6. Peppermint candles, lotions, lipbalm, etc.


7. 18 inch doll clothes patterns (knitting or crochet)


8. Breast cancer awareness items such as pins, scarves, etc.


9. Anything you think will cheer me up.


10. McDonald's gift cards.


Thank you for listening to me. May you have a wonderful holiday season.



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I wish I might. I wish I could have the Wishes I wish tonight.


1. any kind of fleece any size. To use to make blankets for Toys for Tots.


2. 12 or 14 inch template for the Edgerydoo.


3. Any size doll clothes patterns.


4. Bamboo or wooden handle crochet hooks in sizes D, E, and F.


5. Any chocolate of Jelly Belly (jelly beans)


6. Grove Square k-cup coffe Carmel Cappuccino or Medium Roast is my favorite but like them all. (My Walmart discontined selling them).


7. CHRISTmas cards.


8. Anything made by you for me.


9.Any help and support with my new Kindle Fire HD. I know nothing about but I want to get the most out of it. So if you have one and have any suggestion for me that would be very helpful.


10.Any patterns that I could make for my 4 grandkids ages 12.8, and 2-five years. (my little 5 year old granddaughter looooves anything that I crochet. She begs me to make her things).

Merry CHRISTmas and the BEST to everybody in the 2013


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I'm sliding in under the wire! I wasn't able to see the lists for a few days, and I really wasn't sure what I might put on the list. But, I did think of a few things:


:grinch Please make a donation to the Marine Corps Reserve "Toys for Tots" program.


:grinch Please donate your time or money to the USO.


:grinch If you have any Caron Simply Soft yarn in "Soft Yellow"...I will gladly take it off your hands. It seems like they have stopped making that color & I love using it for baby blankets.

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D'oh! I almost forgot all about these wish lists! I can't wait to send out some goodies!! Here's my little list.


:flake - Yarn for my BIL's hat, Husker red or Broncos navy/orange.


:flake - Any yarn that you'd like to destash!


:flake - Sparkly white thread. I'm almost out from doing a bunch of flakes!


:flake - CHRISTMAS CARDS and letters!! I LOVE reading them! Plus we recycle them as gift tags by cutting out the decorative parts.


:flake - Ravelry patterns, Slippers and Beautiful wrap

Ravelry name Adagiocharis


:flake - Anything made by you!! Especially Christmas ornaments!


:flake - Favorite Christmas desert recipies! (we love cookies!)


:ctree Merry Christmas to you all!! :hug

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