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2012 Holiday Time Wish Lists

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November - December Holiday Time Wish Lists 
 - Include items that reflect your holiday season.


Sign Ups: 10/31 - 11/24


Package Sending: 10/31 - 12/22


Please read the Copyright/Trademark Guidelines for Swaps and RAOKs:




If you want to include a pattern in your package, then it's important to know what to do and what not to do.


Special Note to All: If you list a digital pattern in your RAOK list, you are implicitly giving permission for this pattern to be purchased for you through Ravelry using either your Ravelry ID or your email address. If you do not wish to give this permission, please do not list any digital patterns. Include you RavelryID and or your email address in your wish list post, or send it to me.



Wish List Guidelines:


  • You must be at least 18 years of age with a Crochetville account in good standing to participate.
  • Post up to 10 tangible wishes . . . something someone can actually grant.
  • Email me - auntbubbels at nyc dot rr dot com or PM me at auntbubbels with your Crochetville Name, Email address, Real Name & Address.
  • Read through the posted wish lists.
  • If you see a wish you can grant, contact me via E-mail or PM for that person's info.
  • Gifts can be made anonymously or not.
  • Thank-you posts are mandatory and are to be placed in the provided "thank you" thread.
  • Please do not identify your fairy godmother by real name or Crochetville username in your thank-you post.
  • You may thank your fairy godmother personally if they have let you know who they are. And please mark your package as Winter Wish List so the person knows where to post a thank you.
  • You don't have to have a wish list to send something, but you do have to send me your info, as stated above, to help give a level of security that people requesting addresses aren't doing so for nefarious purposes.
  • If you grant a bigger wish from someone's wish list, please contact me so that I can ensure no one else sends that same item.
  • Remember there are no strings attached...... wish, and it might come true..... give, and you might receive.
  • Remember, sometimes one person's trash is another person's treasure. If you have a stash you want to prune or a gift certificate you will not use, send it out to someone who may want it.
  • Make someone smile with your thoughtfulness. I promise you will be just as excited as the person you are sending it out to.
  • You WILL have the joy of knowing you made someone's day special.



The most important thing is to have fun !




Please, no outside wish list links.... it's just not fair that most people without them have 10 wishes in here and people with outside wish lists get 10 here and however many there. Please read RAOK guidelines here http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=374757&postcount=1


I will not be providing contact information for the entire list to gifters.

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I have been waiting all year for this one. I just love holiday/Christmas time.My favorite time of year. This is my second wishlist. The first one was the Make a New Friend one.


I'm Amber Schlichting 25yrs old and still live at home with parents.

Love to do all sorts of crafts crochet, sew, scrapbook, make cards, jewelry, painting, coloring.


:ctree: I love Christmas ornaments. I like homey/country cottage/or just whatever. I will love regular size or ones for a smaller tree. Ideas and/or materials for ornaments I can make.


:candycane: Any kind of candy. My all time favorite is the marshmallow santas. Would like to include candy in gifts for people.


:stocking: Anything that you would consider a stocking stuffer. Ideas and/or materials to make stocking stuffers.


:wreath: Would really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE gift cards. Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrell, Barnes and Nobel, Bath and Body Works. Would greatly help with gift giving.


:gift: I would really LOVE some Gesso and Gel Medium. I want to start doing an art journal.


:gift: Any ideas and/or materials for homemade gifts for friends and family.

I have all ages to give to.






Lori-37-not girly,very outdoorsy

Uncle Kurt-41

Cousin Victoria-13

Cosuin Kathren-11-tomboy to the max

Cousin Logan-9

Friend Sue-48-loves the ocean and beach, loves blues and greens the color of seaglass, and loves seashells, is very creative and artistic

Friend Katie-21-loves dolphins and the color green

Friend Caitlin-19-very girly

Friend Anna-25


:pencil: Would love a penpal to write to.


:gift: Anything yard sale or thrift store and homey/country cottage for my bedroom redo and anything to help me organize in a unique way. (turquoise)


Can't wait to see what I can gift.

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1.anything handmade by you -received a beautiful snowflake

2.any type soy candle

3.homemade oatmeal soap

4.snowman or santa star shaped ornaments

5.fingerless gloves(small hand)

6.indulge my NY side,NYdaily news(any day) brooklyn map,thomas's date nut bread,pastina

7. shawlette

8. a tote like MaryJo's

9.any Jesus is the reason for the season items

10.fudge,anyone?really really good fudge

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:wreath Happy Holidays!!!:wreath


:ctree Anything Gingerbread (house or people)

:ctree Burgundy/Evergreen or Antique White Christmas Yarn w/tinsel in it

:ctree Christmas Treats

:ctree a card w/ your "family recipe" you enjoy at the holidays

:ctree Any Christmas movie (DVD) new or used

:ctree A Christmas Ornament (please sign the back or bottom)

:ctree Anything homemade by you for me

:ctree This Pattern REC'd from a wonderfully generous elf in NY !! Thank you so much!!

:ctree This Pattern REC'd from a wonderfully generous elf in KY!! Thank you so much!

:ctree Any Crochet Related Items (new or used)

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I am excited for another wish list and I love the holidays!


:ctree Ribbon yarn - must try this out!!!


:wreath Ladder yarn - want to try this too!


:ctreethis pattern

gifted by a wonderful NY elf - thank you!!!

:wreath Amis or anything else made by YOU


:ctree any pattern of your own design

Rcvd a wonderful pattern from a very sweet FL elf! Thank you soooo much elf!!!


:wreath Christmas ornaments


:ctree pretty ribbon for making my granddaughter hairbows


:wreath stocking stuffer type gifts


:ctree Holiday cards!!!


:wreaththis pattern

Rcvd 11-19-12 from an awesome TX elf!!! Thank you sooo very much!!!

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Hi Everyone:

I love this time of the year .. Its the most enjoyed and loved Holiday of the season for us ...


Here are my wishes and I already see I can grant some joy to some of you so far....


:sheepxmas: Any small toys for My MUNCHKIN the toy poodle i adopted in April.. I want to make her very first Christmas special as she is a rescued doggie and never experienced it...


:sheepxmas: Any toy for my Foxie my Pommeranian ... Or any Chicken Jerky Treats....She loves them Or even the Duck Jerky treats.


:sheepxmas: If any one would send my hubby Word Search books and Some Bic or Papermate pens he would be tickled pink... He loves the word search books and goes thru them pens like hotcakes... His name is Leonardo...


:sheepxmas: I would love Cow theme Rubber Stamps or Hedge Hogs Rubber Stamps... Some Black Ink Pads and their reinkers.....


:sheepxmas: Your Favorite Recipes for Cakes or Cookies and i'm dying for a good recipe for Cinnamon Buns ... I wouild love your tried and well love recipes.


:sheepxmas: Like always Your unwanted scraps and odd balls of yarns NO WOOL PLease for my charity of making pet mats for my local animal hospital where i adopted my precious babies...


:sheepxmas: Gift Cards for Amazon.com so i can buy some crochet patterns.


:sheepxmas: Metalic Coloring Pencils I will use for my rubberstamping..


:sheepxmas: I would love some Hard Candies I always carry some with me ..


:sheepxmas: I would love to recieve any kind of crochet items from you, scarf, hats, purse, tote, kitchen item, bathroom item, even anything crocheted for my furbabies they love to snuggle on small blankies... Any thing crocheted by you will be loved and cherished.....



Well off i go to see what i can gift to others.....

Have a safe and happy and blessed Holiday everyone....

Hugs and kisses







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Hello everyone!! Christmas is my favorite time of the year!! Along with Thanksgiving!!


:wreath Anything made by YOU! I make others stuff, but have yet to make anything for myself!!

:wreath Anything for my boys (aged 6 and 4). My oldest loves blankets. Homemade or store bought, I think he collects them! My youngest is very easy to please!

:wreathThis pattern - I am Jessicali on Ravelry! Gifted by a very generous NY Elf!! Thank you :D

:wreath Penpal to keep in touch with!! I love getting snail mail that is NOT bills!!

:wreath Candles - We can never have enough candles just in case we lose power!

:wreath I journal daily, so anything journal related!! (Scrapbooking stickers & paper, pens (I love pens in different colors), journals, etc.)

:wreath Anything for our baby!! Sex is unknown (find out November 28th) as of right now.. So anything unisex!

:wreath Amazon Gift Cards so I can get a new camera

:wreath Anything Arkansas razorback related!! We love them in this house!

:wreath I'll add something for my husband also!! He was born & raised in Virginia, therefore he is a diehard Washington Redskins fan!! He would LOVE a Redskins baseball cap, or hoodie or anything related to redskins!

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:sheepxmas Yay! Holiday wishlists! Can't wait to see who I can be an Elf for!


Here is my list for your reading.

(No need to check twice, I have been very very nice this year :P:lol)


:flake 1. Crochet thread (any colours) and hooks (I only have a 1.75mm) for doilies / lace work.

:flake 2. Any Tree decorations. This is the first year my little family will be having a Tree for Xmas so if you'd like to help decorate it... then by all means :)

:flake 3. RHSS or ILTY/C- don't mind what colours... they are unavailble in the UK and I love working with them.

:flake 4. A holiday greetings card from you and yours to me and mine.

:flake 5. Been admiring Apak's booties and would love to give them a go, so this pattern please!: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crocodile-stitch-boots-child-sizes - Granted by a lovely, helpful FGM. Thanks!

:flake 6. Anything for my baby girls (Felicia will be 18mo at Xmas and Isabel will be 1mo at Xmas). If you wrap them in gift wrap, they will go under the Tree until the 25th.

:flake 7. I'd be interested in any tried and tested cookie / cake recipes. I love baking!

:flake 8. Something from your State - keyring, fridge magnet...etc.

:flake 9. Tote, bag or Amigurumi patterns (from Ravelry, or free, or even on paper).

:flake 10. " 'Tis the season to be jolly..." so tell me your favourite joke! (rude or clean, it doesn't matter :P).


Ravelry ID for any patterns is Skoggy.


Many thanks all!

Edited by Skoggy

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:flakeFroggy's Wishes :flake :flake Ravelry Id is Froggy58 :flake


:flake this sports ball pattern Ravelry: Toy Football, Basketball, and Baseball pattern by Cathy Ren (received)


:flake this yarn Purple Boutique Sashay Yarn | Red Heart


:flake purse size handcream or lotion unscented or lightly scented please


:flake small purse sized flash light


:flake small tape measure


:flakeBaltimore Ravens bracelet NFL Fan Band Cuff Bracelet Assorted Teams | eBay


:flake pens with purple ink (received)


:flake plastic stitch markers (the ones that look like little safety pins)


:flake Barnes and Noble gift card


:flake Starbucks gift card

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I love surprises.


:ctree Ornaments-last year mine were stolen, so I have to start over.


:ctree Your favorite recipes- Can be a drink recipe (alcohol is fine by me),casseroles,desserts anything is appreciated.


:ctree Christmas card


:ctree Anything handmade by you.


:ctree Crochet/knitted dishcloths. I love dishcloths


:ctree Coffee/tea/hot chocolate packets and a letter


:ctree A 6 inch square


:ctree Granny's daughters


:ctree I also do plastic canvas,cross stitch. So any supplies would be great


:ctree Mickey Mouse crocheted pattern. Love the mouse


Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

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Very simple wishes for me this time around!

Ravelry ID is....Chrissyf


1. We have a 4ft white Christmas tree that we decorate in a different color each year...this year we have chosen red so anything mini and red for the tree.

2. Red Heart Super Saver yarn in any multicolor...i love making doll clothes but prefer multicolored yarn

3. Holiday yarn...i make gifts year round and i love to put them in crocheted gift bags

4. Writing paper of any kind...my daughter is enlisting in the Army with a ship out date of July 2 2013 so i am going to have to do lots of letter writing at least for the summer

5. Hints and tips from other moms and dads who have sent their children to serve as to what to expect, what i can send etc.

6. Patterns for boy gifts...my sisters and brother seem to be having boys and finding patterns for gifts for them is getting tough

7.Crochet thread in all sizes and especially in colors...i am a thread lover

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Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas !!



Raverly Id is craftylady56


:santasubscription to Crochet Today



:santa Fat quarters..any color..I need 20 for a quilt--I have none


:santa glade plug in oil refills vanilla/ lavender-love thse



:santaMilky way ESPECIALLY the dark and chocolate covered raspberry sticks –(walmart carries the raspberry sticks)


:santa this Raverly pattern thank you FGM wished granted so fast thank you ♥



:santa this Ravely pattern




:santa this Raverly pattern



:santa anything made by you--an ornament or card etc.

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:ctree Merry Christmas !


My Ravelry ID is owlvamp


On to my wish list:

1. Pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owl-tote and http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tassel-hat---crochet-version

2. Red Heart Love Yarn (any colors)

3. Cotton yarn (any colors)

4. Fleece (solids or prints)

5. Fabric ( charms, jelly rolls, yards, scraps)

6. Red Heart Team Spirit Yarn (black and gold) then all colors

7. Edgerydoo Kit Orginial http://www.edgerydoo.com/catalog%20002F.html

8. Subscription to Crochet World

9. 60 mm rotary cutter with refill blades

10. Jimbo's hooks


This is going to be so much fun :smiling

Off to read others to see what I can give.

:wreath Merry Christmas :wreath

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'Tis the Season! I've seen a few wishes I can grant already!


On to my list! (Check it twice, I've been extra good this year!)


*Ravelry ID is tiffer93*


:gift ~ Reindeer Hat Pattern ~ granted by a generous Florida elf! :hug


:gift ~ Sofia Beanie ~ granted by a sweet KY elf! :hug


:gift ~ Gingerbread Boy & Girl ~ granted by a super sweet Virginia elf :hug


:gift ~ Wire snowflake forms like these from Oriental Trading


:gift ~ I Love This Yarn Sparkle in any color with the silver metallic ~ Received 2 skeins of white & 2 skeins of pink sparkle from my BFF elf in NY! :hug :hug


:gift ~ Black, White and/or Silver ornaments (our color theme this year) ~ handmade or store bought


:gift ~ Adopt an angel for the holidays and send me a PM about it ****Received a lovely PM from a darling lady who donates handmade items to a local group for the holidays. :hug


:gift ~ Anything for my boys (Jayden ~ 10, fav color lime green, Bentley ~ 10, fav color orange, Hayden ~ 8, fav color royal blue) ~ they like Legos, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Sonic, Mario, Nintendo 3DS games, action figures, Pokemon cards, and of course crocheted hats/scarves/gloves


:gift ~ I Love This Yarn/Cotton/Wool ~ any colors ~ partial skeins are OK!


:gift ~ Soap/lotion/candle/lip balm making supplies (waxes, molds, essential oils, wicks, bottles & tubes, etc.)


Thank you for looking over my list! Wishing you all a merry holiday season!

Edited by tiffer93

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Happy Holidays Everyone! I have been a good girl this year - :santa says so. Gentle used, de-stashed, recycled is okay with me.


:candycane A Christmas Card from you.


:candycane Anything made by you - bookmarks, snowflakes, ornaments - anything. I love flamingos, log cabins, and snowmen.


:candycane Clover Soft Touch Hooks. Need size J and K. Also any thread sizes of Clover hooks other than 1.0 and 1.5 (have those).


:candycane Amazon Gift Card so I can get books for my Kindle Fire - especially wanting to get the book Mocking Jay.


:candycane Lizabeth Thread - Size 10 - any colors. Have seen this in Hobby Lobby, but have never tried it.


:candycane DVD of the movie Christmas Vacation - my favorite or one of your favorite Christmas movies. Received the movie Christmas Vacation from a very special Elf.


:candycane Any older crochet magazines - say 2005 and earlier. I subscribe to everything currently published.


:candycane A pair of fingerless gloves - darker color or darker varigated color - so the dirt won't show. I work in dirty steel company office. I don't know what measurements are needed, but my wrist is 7" and around my knuckles is also about 7".


:candycane I would love to learn Tea Bag Folding I think it is called. Have no idea what you need to learn, but a instruction book and some tea bag papers to get started would be great.


:candycane Chapstick Brand chapsticks - fruit flavors.

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My Ravelry name is angelfire


I wasn't sure that I was going to put on a wish list this year. I have been so busy outside of Crochetville but always check in. I have been making cotton totes to sell to raise money for Relay for Life. Last year I sold 5 the night of the walk.



I would love some handmade holiday ornaments.


Scraps of yarn to make blankets for the abuse shelter


cotton yarn for totes


18" doll clothes/shoes to go along with the dolls I bought for our church Christmas giving tree.


Brach's Christmas Nougats ....my only Christmas candy vice.


This pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/christmas-tree-potholder received from FGM

or this one http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/winter-penguin-potholder received from FGM :manyheart

http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fun-in-the-sun-beach-outfit-for-american-girl-or-other-18-doll-swimsuit--accessories gifted by My Holiday swap partner

I also love handmade gift bags, and tags


I wish that you send a gift to someone and wish them a happy holiday from me.:manyheart

Edited by angelfire

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I love the Holiday Time RAOK's - please ask Terri/LadySorce for my personal information.


Raverly ID is auntbubbels



:rudhttp://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tranquil-waves-afghan - Oh My, I just received this pattern from a wonderful VA elf


:rudhttp://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mitred-afghan-2 - received from another nice elf in WI


:rudhttp://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/raindrops-blanket-afghan - received from a very very special elf in KY


:rud 9" plastic zippers or larger in all colors


:rud coordinating fabrics


:rud 1" nylon straps (3 yds each color for my totes)


:rud note cards


:rud Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn - I am taking the lucet cording class


:rud doilies



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Merry Christmas everyone! Although winter is my lest favorite season Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I love the giving and everyone everywhere is in such a better mood.

Here is my list:

My Ravelry name is: trudem

1. This pattern:http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/grande-circle-scarves-scarf-cowl :sman I received this wonderful pattern from a fun loving Elf yesterday. I can't wiat to make one or some of it.Thank you Christmas Elf.


2. This pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ruffle-christmas-tree-skirt :sman


3. Anything ET related. I love that alien. :sman


4. A journal, nothing fancy just a book that is spiral bound and lined paper inside. Maybe a pretty cover. Like 5X7 but those arenot requirements just ideas. :sman


5. Yarn of any color from Michael's Impeccable. :sman


6. Yarn of any color from I love that yarn. I have never tried it and have wanted to. :sman


7. A size M crochet hook. :sman


8. I use aluminum hooks of any brand. If there is a brand that you love and think I should try a J or K in it. :sman


9. Sugar-free chocolate. :sman


10. To have a Merry Christmas, and be safe and healthy, and filled with love. The drop me a not and tell me all about it.


Edited by trudem

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I can't believe it is already time for the Holiday wishlists!!! I've already been looking at the lists and answered some. I have my eye on a few others. I'll keep looking back as others add them to see what I can answer.


Now for mine.:santa


1. Handmade Christmas Dishcloths or Pot Holders



2. My Husband and I have started doing jigsaw puzzles. I would like ones that are 500-1000 pieces and 35” or less long. Love ones with busy scenes.


3. Accessories for the Springfield/American Girl Doll /18” doll. I’m doing a Christmas doll donation and I would love any new shoes, tights, socks, or clothes anyone would be willing to donate to the project


4. Fairytale Princess Dolls Gifted by thoughtful FGM!!!



5. 18 Inch Doll Superhero Costume Gifted by generous NY FGM!!



6.Bunny Carrot Car Gifted by thoughtful WA FGM!!!




I collect old magazines and I am trying to add to a few collections. If you are looking to destash, I would love any that you are willing to give up to a new home.

7. Annie’s Crochet Newsletter looking for issues 3,5,42,45,56,79,82, 84- 90, 93 and above


8. Annie’s Pattern Club looking for issues: Vol 1 no 1, Vol II No 1, 3-12,14, 22,24,26,36, 38, 39,41,42,47,49,61 and above


9. Hooked on Crochet 4,7,14,36,51-54,56,57,59,62-64,67,69,71,73,75,76,78-82,84,86-88,91,93-105,107,109-113,115-119,122-148,150,152 and above


10. Christmas Cards

We decorate Christmas card wreaths and love getting lots of cards.



My Ravelry ID is Bailey4

Edited by Bailey4

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1. Christmas cards---I love getting them and so many have stopped sending them out


2. small decorations---Thanksgiving and or Christmas, I like to set and hang things in my windows


3. ornaments for my Christmas tree---I have ornaments from friends and I remember them every year as I put them on my tree


4. cute stitchmarkers


5. retractable tape measure


6. toys for my cat


7. letter about how you spend the holidays and the holiday events in your area


8. any small surprise----I like most anything but I seem to run a home for wayward bees, pumpkins, gnomes, and snowpeople

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Woo Hoo I love this one. Cant wait to see how many people I can make smile.


All I would like is some hand made ornaments for my very first Christmas here in NC.

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Oh how I love this time of the year!.... I hope everyone feels Love is all around ;):manyheart


Here is my wish list :manyheart

:2snowman The pattern for Crocodile Stitch Booties CHILD SIZES http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crocodile-stitch-boots-child-sizes

I have the one for babies and I love it! Now I'd like to make the bigger ones for my kids... I got it as a gift - thank you so much FGM!!!!

:2snowman I'd love to try Knit Picks Chroma Fingering or Worsted yarn - one skein is enough for a pair of Crocodile stitch booties and they look so pretty in amazing colours of this yarn!


:2snowman5" Itty Bitty baby Berenguer Doll - ok, to be honest, I got 2 from Wonderful FGM - but my daughter likes them so much that another one would be great!!! I'd love to have a pattern for something like bassinet purse or cradle purse for the doll or/and holiday outfits... I have lot of fun crocheting new clothes for these cute dolls :hook - I got the patterns for some outfits and bassinet purses and a cupcake cradle purse - thank you so much FGMs!!!


:2snowmanThe pattern for Frilly Dress


:2snowmanChristmas cards are one of these things I miss...


:2snowmanChristmas/winter potholders or ornaments


:2snowman And, if you are not bored - 6" brooms for broom dolls... :hook


:2snowman And who does not love suprises??? :D




PS I'm AnnaApak on Ravelry

Edited by Apak

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:wreath Happy Holidays! Blessings to each and everyone! :wreath

Reading through the lists, I have seen several :gift that I can grant!

Here are somethings that I wish for: My Ravelry ID is: jolenaflower

:santa Gift cards from Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, or Bath and Body Works

:santa Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn. Any color. I am going to take the Lucet Cording Class.

:santaThis pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crocodile-stitch-booties-baby-sizes (--- GIFTED TO ME BY A WONDERFUL KENTUCKY ELF)

:santaThis pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tri-color-cable-braid-scoodie-pattern

:santaThis pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/peek-a-boo-hearts-baby-afghan

:santaThis pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/babys-bloomin-cocoon

:santaAnything handmade by you

:santa Any size Susan Bates crochet hooks

:santaI love, love, love SURPRISES!!!!!

:santaDo something nice for someone to make their holiday a little brighter

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change Ravelry ID

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wonderful time of year!


ravelry id: frloplady


Here is my list..again..I accidentally deleted the first one :D


1. This hat pattern. Looks like a fun hat! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tassel-hat---crochet-version


2. Jane Austen shawl pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/jane-austen-shawl this pattern was gifted to me by a wonderful Christmas angel in CA! thank you so much!


3. Winter hats for the mission. Send them to yours and let me know!


4. Greya bolero http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/greya


5. Blizzard hat: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/banded-blizzard


6. Crochet Dude crochet hook. I have the H hook and LOVE it!


7. PM me your favorite hat and/or scarf pattern! Freebies!


8. yarn...any yarn! I make scarfs and hats for give aways


Tell all those close to you how much you love them. You never know what the future holds

Edited by FrLopLady

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How fun! I've never posted a wish list; so please bear with me. It's fun reading what others post and making lists of what I can help with. Here's my list. My Ravelry ID is mvazquezcsr.


1. Items for baskets being made for a senior center. They need the travel-size toiletries, socks, lapghans, scarves, hats, socks, walker totes -- anything you can help with, handmade or purchased from a store. My crafting group is donating those to a senior center that apparently is not one to receive much by way of donations.


2. Any handmade goody, especially if made for an almost 3-year-old little girl.


3. Size M double-ended crochet hook (I haven't found any locally).


4. Gift cards from B&N or Target, WalMart, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Michaels -- for digital books or crochet/knitting supplies.


5. Buttons, 5/8" or bigger, sets of 5 or more :)


6. "Seamless Crochet" by Kristin Omdahl I am amazed, awed, and humbled thanks to a swap partner that added this to my package. Thanks!


7. This pattern. Gifted by a fab FGM :c9


8. A penpal to communicate via FB, e-mail, and/or snailmail, from anywhere and everywhere in the world :)


I hope this holiday season is a blessing for all :hug

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