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Red Heart Wednesday Night Stitch Challenge: Season 4

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The 4th season of Red Heart's Wednesday Night Stitch Challenge (WNSC) is now underway, and Crochetville is happy to help promote this activity.


What is the WNSC?


A night of the week that we can all set aside to sit, rest, listen to music or watch TV and stitch. Join your host Kathleen Sams, of the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge, in sharing your projects and stories with others that love stitching as much as you do!


Every Wednesday beginning September 26, 2012 through December 5, 2012 upload photos of your projects using Red Heart yarns on the RH Facebook page. Fans of the page can vote and leave comments on their favorite project's photos.


The top 5 photos with the most votes will win a fabulous prize package filled with yarn, books, and accessories valued at $150!


Happy Stitching!


How to Participate:


1. Every Wednesday, go here to post pictures of the project you're working on and/or vote for your favorite project.


2. Crochetville members can post your pictures in this thread to share with the rest of us, but posting here DOES NOT enter you in the contest.


3. Leave comments on the Red Heart blog, Red Heart Facebook page, and/or Crochetville Facebook page. Comments also do not count as a contest entry or vote. Comments are just fun discussion!

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Tonight I made a tiny bit if progress on the second front for the Marlo Coat. As soon as I finish this I can start assembling the jacket.

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I was working on some slipper socks, that I had to rewrite the instructions in order for them to fit my teen age son. I am using red heart yarn and realized that the ombre type yarn was thinner than the single color yarn I was using. I wonder why?

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Ombres and variegated are always a squinch thinner than the solid colors. Who knows why? You can compare them all, they always are.


The difference is not very noticeable on small items, like ami's, so I usually stay with the same hook throughout the project.


For large projects, it does make a difference. To make up for this, if I am using both solid and variegated in my project, I generally base my pattern and hook on the solid color. When I get to the variegated (usually stripes) I go up by 1 hook size. If I don't, the variegated sections will be a bit pulled in and tighter. Then, I drop back down to my original hook for the solid sections.


I know a lot of people would think it's too much bother to switch hooks, but it really makes the yarns match better.


If your entire project is in ombre or variegated, just use a hook 1 size larger than you would for solid, for the entire thing and it should come out closer to size, unless size doesn't matter.

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