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Review: Boye Aluminum Ergonomic Handle


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I bought this (Pic) last week while running through WalMart and finally got a chance to try it out last night for a couple of hours.

I paid $6.89 for it which was not too bad on price considering it is all contructed of plastic (:loser) and will wear out in time on the area that locks closed. The instructions are clear enough how to assemble the aluminum hooks in. I did have a problem with the hooks being a bit "rattley' inside the handle but was able to crochet as usual. I have to admit, it would take me awhile to get used to it and find my comfort zone, but all in all, it will probably work fine.

If you are a traditionalist when it comes to the shape of hooks, I would not recommend this handle as it can feel awkward. If you are looking for extra comfort like I am always doing because of arthritis, it might work for you. I do believe I prefer wood though.

Happy Hooking my friends!

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