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Young Wendy - New Pic post 24

Tampa Doll

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I saw this pattern on Annie's Attic and instead of seeing it in white, I saw it in black, for October.


Now the dress and hoop skirt is done, I have decorated the dress with spiders. Now what I need to know is this......


Do you think she needs a big Gone With THe Wind Hat or a witches hat?


Now for the latter, I will need help with finding a witch hat pattern.


Do you think I should leave her head alone, and just add a headband?


Oh and by the way, check out her shoes.:hook


post-105-135897778076_thumb.jpg - [ATTACH]58662[/ATTACH]



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She came out great and I would go with the witches hat too since you have a spiders on her already. Good luck in finding one, if not then I would go with the headband and more spiders.


I love her Dorothy shoes!!! :cheer:cheer:cheer

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Thank you all. This was a facinating pattern to make. I have decided on the witch's hat. I found a pattern I have had for a while and the hat fits.:hook

I can see her in many colors of this dress with the big Gone With The Wind Hat.:hook

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