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FREE yarn for charity work?


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hey everyone,

i saw the following on an email group i belong to...i dont do any charity crocheting, but for those that do, this could be a nice help!!


Free Box of Yarn



Coats and Clark

said it had to be on the letterhead of the organization you

were donating to, a new rule they said


Coats and Clark the makers of Red Heart yarn will send you a box of

yarn for charity crocheting. All you have to do is to send them a

letter in the mail telling them what you need and that you do

charity crocheting.


Their address is:

Coats and Clark P.O. Box 12229

Greenville,South Carolina 29612.



Once you get on their mailing list they send you a box once a year.

Their telephone number is 1-800-648-1479.

Takes about 2mths to get the box


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Wal-mart used to do something like this as well. I used to do some charity work for a group and would take the manager a letter from the group stating what I was doing and asking if they could donate yarn. Ive had really great luck with this, however not all Wal-mart managers will do this.

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I'm sure they get a ton of requests. I have to say though, they did send me one box....but I don't know anyone that they regularly send a box a year too...I know I never received a 2nd one. They were very generous in their donation to me :)

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Hi Prettybird, welcome to the 'ville!  

Just pointing out that you have replied to a 15 year old post, even if the offer were still valid you'd have had to apply to Coats and Clark.  HOWEVER, sadly that 270 year old company and trademark don't even exist now (was bought by another company).

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