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Triangles in the Mist


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Pattern gave me some fits at first, but I think I finally figured it out. This first attempt was a bit wonky. Will try it again in a different colorway.


The designer was very helpful!


Scarf only needed 2 skeins, not the 3 suggested in the magazine. This could be because I used a J-hook instead of the K-hook the pattern called for.


Yarn/Colorway ~ Red Heart Boutique Midnight / Misty Colorway - I LOVED this yarn! Just the right amount of sparkle, not too blingy, but enough to know it's there. Very easy to crochet with, no splits or knots!


Pattern ~ Triangle Magic Scarf





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You have certainly done a wonderful job! It looks like it would give me fits also. Was it difficult once you figured it out?


It wasn't too difficult once I figured it out.


The most difficult part is doing the set-up row after you complete a full triangle. You have to evenly-space 32 stitches down the side of the completed triangle. Those beginning row spaces are sometimes hard to read, so the spacing may be a bit wonky (like mine is).


If I choose to make another, I will place stitch markers up the straight edge row as I go, so when it's time to begin a new triangle, I will clearly see where to put each stitch.

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