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Chain Link September 2012 Reno: Who's Attending


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The CGOA Chain Link conference in Reno, NV begins with Professional Development Day on Wednesday, September 12 followed by 4 days of crochet (and knitting) classes and 3 days of fabulous shopping opportunities on the show floor.


I will be arriving on Monday, September 10. If anybody else is attending, please post here.


Crochetville Vendor Booth


This year, Crochetville will have a vendor booth on the show floor in conjunction with Red Heart. We will be selling a number of Red Heart yarns, primarily the new Boutique line, crochet hooks and accessories, crochet-themed jewelry, books, and patterns. We hope to have a number of book signings by some of your favorite crochet designers.


If there's something in particular you'd like to see in our booth, please let us know.


If you'd like to volunteer to help out in the booth, let us know. It's a great way to meet a lot of people and talk crochet!

Conference Classes


If you're attending, what classes are you taking? Let us know here. Maybe you'll find there will be a Crochetville friend in class with you.


I'll be attending Professional Development Day, but I won't be taking any actual crochet classes since I'll be staffing the booth all the time the show floor is open.


Roommate Finder


If you'd like to have a roommate to help cut down on the expense of attending the conference, please post here. Be sure to include any special needs, such as:


  • Do you go to bed early or late?
  • Do you smoke? (Even though the hotel rooms are non-smoking, some people's allergies could be affected by rooming with a smoker.)
  • Do you have pets at home? (I have 5 cats, and I know I bring some amount of cat hair with me whenever I travel. I'd hate this to bother someone with severe cat allergies.)
  • Do you like to bring friends back to the hotel room for big chat sessions?
  • Do you have any allergies? (perfume, hair products, lotions, etc.)
  • Do you snore? Does someone else's snoring bother you?
  • Are you a heavy or light sleeper?
  • Do you like to have the TV on all the time?
  • When will you arrive? When will you check out?

The more information you can give to a prospective roommate, the better chance you'll be able to find a good match.

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Hey Amy...I would love to volunteer at the booth in Reno! I did send you an email yesterday, did you get it. I am taking classes, but I do have time available. I did want to do the Professional Day, but it conflicted with a class I really wanted to take...maybe next time...


My husband is going to be my roommate...

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  • 1 month later...

Unfortunately, online advance registration ended on August 27.


You could try calling the Offinger office to see if they can accept a faxed form or if you 'll have to wait and register onsite.

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Getting excited. Can hardly wait. :clap


When I see you Katchkan, can I have your autograph on the newest issue of Interweave Crochet where your dragon shawl pattern is? Pretty please...can't wait to meet you!


Yep, getting excited over here too!

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