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How Can CV help its Business Members

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Sometimes I get an "impression" and want to find a way to ask a group like CV 'what they think'


It would be nice to have a place where Advertisers could ask a question of CV'ers. Sort of like a HUGE Focus Group.


Thinking about some of the questions being suggested in the proposed Chats,


Certainly it could be a two way street, were the CV'er could ask the Independent Retailers questions as well.


Another example, EVEN though I do not have a Smart Phone, I do follow many companies on Face Book. I was thinking about setting up a "FB like page" were we would post brief, announcements of new products, new arrivals and that sort of thing.


So I guess what I am saying is a forum where a Retailer can post a marketing type question and get a reaction could be helpful.


Thanks for listening



now back to packing Kim's new book so more of you can share the fun this weekend.

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Kathy, I think the concern right now is that Crochetville isn't currently set up for businesses to conduct market research or focus groups.


We have areas for them to post about sales or what's new with their business, but market research and focus groups are another issue entirely. Companies pay big bucks in other places to have access to a highly-focused consumer segment. :) Smaller companies generally can't afford the services of market research firms, so I understand why they'd want access to Crochetville's members. However, that probably isn't a service we could afford to give away for free (like we give advertising to indie companies away for free). Nor is it something that should be given for free to banner advertisers; it's a totally separate level of business service.


We wouldn't want the regular areas of Crochetville being cluttered up with that type of post, so Wheat is right that we'd want/need to set up a special area for that kind of thing. I don't know if small indie businesses would be willing to pay the rate we might need to charge for such a service. (Because some people wouldn't like that the market research stuff was being done here, and we'd have to spend time and energy dealing with headaches caused by complaints about it.) This is something we're considering, but only if we can come up with a price that would be acceptable to Crochetville and the businesses who would want to use the service.


EDIT TO ADD: After I get back from Chain Link, I'll be setting up some meetings with our local Women's Business Development Center to get some direction on pricing services we offer to other businesses.

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