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Do you do multiple projects at one time?

Do you work on multiple projects at the same time?  

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  1. 1. Do you work on multiple projects at the same time?

    • Always, variety is the spice of life!
    • Never, I do one thing until I'm finished THEN start something new
    • Sometimes, depends on what I'm currently working on and why

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So happy to see I'm not the only "scatter brain" :D

I'm sort of working on 2 throws, an afghan, and SOMETHING with plarn (I keep restarting lol)

Oh yes... there's also my finger crochet whatever it's going to be (probably another throw.  I just don't have the patience for afghans)


For my "sort of working on" projects... I run out of color.  I'm on an extremely limited budget and because I can't read patterns, I have no idea how many skeins to buy.  And then the color disappears with the season  :bang

I usually buy my yarn at my local Walmart.  The crafting store is an hours drive away, so I can't go there often.  And not even they have the color I'm searching for most desperately- "Desert Camo"

It's most annoying lol.


But it is what it is and I always have *something* to do :juggle

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I used to have a terrible habit of starting projects and not finishing them, so I made myself finish all the loose ends and then pace myself to do just one thing at a time - until I started designing! Now I often have 3 or 4 projects going at once, and I get them finished, too! Maybe 2 different designs for different deadlines, one separate idea I want to make into a model, and one for a gift. And always more lined up like dominos to take the place of one I've finished!

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Always have plenty on the go.

My problem is, even when the crocheting is done, I tend to put stuff away to "finish" later.

As a consequence I might for instance get out a beanie to wear, and there are threads hanging from it, or no pom pom yet attached.

I'm sure you get the idea!

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As of right now, I have at the least 4 crochet WIPS, and 3 knitting WIPs going.


I also always generally have a "purse project" going too. I actually carry a backpack style bag everytime I go out, instead of a purse, and I try to make sure I have a small portable crochet project in it at times :hook

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At least two at a time. I always work on one that requires a lot of attention (like reading a complicated pattern), usually an amigurumi, and another one that I can just pick up at any time and bring with me to places. Another reason for doing it is that I have a mild carpal tunnel and other hand problems and changing the type of crochetting helps. My amigurumis are usually tighter and with a smaller hook than the other projects, which are usually cowls, capes and infinity scarves.

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I always have many projects going at once.


At any given time I work on at least 1 large project like an afghan or blanket. Right now it's 3 - 1 in wide stripes, 1 zigzag, and 1 in small granny squares.


Also at least 1 medium project, usually a shawl. Right now it's 3 - 1 in shells, 1 in stripes, 1 in grannies.


Small and small to medium items abound. I am always making slippers, hats and scarves. I absolutely love making bath cloths, using dishcloth patterns. They are my go to project that I never get tired of making.

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Like many who've posted here, I also usually have several projects at once. I get bored sometimes or easily distracted. But I always try to eventually finish projects. The eventually could be a few weeks or few months hahaha!

Just counted, I currently have 5 projects I'm "working" on.

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