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Walmart has the WW Knooking Kit for...

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FIVE BUCKS!!! I got one today and I'm already addicted. I hadn't even planned on getting a kit, as I was just getting odds and ends and some new yarn for a project.


The kit comes with 3 hooks: G, H, and I. They are wooden and they have 3 different colored "strings" that you thread through the end. The directions are for both hands and even has some starter projects.


I have tried knitting before and the whole numbers and counting totally made me go crazy, which I found to nearly make me anxious. I can knit, it just isn't my thing... but the knooking thing reminds me of doing "afghan stitches" (which I enjoy), so I'm really pleased overall. Can't wait to post pictures after I have more time to play with my new toys!

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How is the drape of the final item? Is it stiff or drapey, like knitting?


Knitting With a Crochet hook, currently popularly named "Knooking" is Knitting so the resulting fabric will be knitting.


I look at it as "sort of" circular knitting.


The difference is really that instead fo a point, there is a hook and for some of us that is a God send.


The final hand/drape is going to be determined by the combination of size of Knook or Needle or Hook, no matter which technique you decide to use to create your fabric


Enjoy The Making.



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