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Crochetville Community Policies

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:chook Crochetville Community Policies

Revised April 7, 2013


Crochetville: a cozy little village for crocheters everywhere!


click here for instructions on reporting such infringement. We act on reports as quickly as possible in compliance with the DMCA.

Social Media Sharing

  • In an effort to promote Crochetville and discussions taking place on the forum, we may share some of the contributions you've made to our community in other areas of Crochetville's web presence or on other social media sites.
  • By posting any content on Crochetville, you agree that Crochetville, our members, and forum visitors may share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other similar social media outlets that may come into existence.
  • Any member or visitor who shares Crochetville content on another social media outlet should provide a link back to the original Crochetville thread and give proper credit to the original poster.
  • Complete patterns posted by a Crochetville member are not to be shared or posted outside of Crochetville without that member's express written permission. You may post links to the pattern thread.

Customer Service

  • Please do not use Crochetville to attempt to resolve customer service disputes. The proper thing to do is contact the business owner first.
  • Please be respectful when discussing crochet- and fiber-related small businesses. The owner or employees of the business may be reading your posts.
  • If you must post a review that contains negative feedback, please remember that you may be affecting someone's livelihood. Please post appropriately and constructively.
  • Libelous comments are not allowed, and could result in legal action being taken against you by a business owner. Factual statements that you can back up with evidence are not libelous.
  • If you are mad at a business, its owner, or an employee for some reason, you may not use Crochetville to attempt to do harm. Attempts at doing so (our call) will result in deletion of posts, possible loss of posting privileges, and potentially being banned from the site.

Financial and Safety Information

  • Fundraising is allowed only with prior approval. Please Contact Us before posting about any fundraising efforts.
  • Financial transactions: Crochetville is not responsible for any trade/sell/purchase arrangements members make with other members. Enter into such arrangements at your own risk.
  • Exchanging personal information: We encourage all members to use caution when exchanging personal contact information with other members.


  • Signatures are limited to a maximum of 10 lines at a size 3 font. No content that is sexual, political or designed to be controversial is allowed in signatures.
  • Members are allowed to register only one account.
  • No cross posting! Please start a new thread in only one location.
  • If you want to post something, but aren't sure whether our guidelines allow it, please be courteous and PM either Amy or Donna to ask whether it's okay before you post.


Reporting Problems


Please report any problems or concerns you have to us. Correcting another member's behavior (either in forum posts or via private message) tends to further escalate situations; such forum posts may be subject to removal without notice.


You may use the "Report " button (little white triangle outlined in red) to let Amy and Donna know about any posts or PMs of concern so we can review the situation. You may use the Contact Us form to let us know of any other issues of concern.


We regret that we cannot respond individually to each person who reports an issue, but please be assured that we read each message and will take whatever action we deem appropriate.


Repeated and/or blatant violation of Crochetville's policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of various forum privileges or in being banned from Crochetville, with or without notice. Such actions are always a last resort to enable us to maintain a pleasant forum experience for the vast majority of our members. We prefer to talk things out with members and come to a mutually agreeable solution to any issues that may arise.


We can't predict every situation that might occur. We reserve the right to handle some situations on an individual basis.


Questions/Concerns about our community policies?

If you have general questions or concerns about any of our policies, please post a message in Board Help. If you have questions or concerns about a specific situation related to our policies, please use the Contact Us form, although member privacy concerns may prevent us from discussing certain details. Discussion of specific situations or administrator actions does not take place on the forum. Such posts will be removed and a member's ability to participate on the site may be affected.


I agree to policies and rules.

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I agree.


One thing I was curious about; how is feedback generally handled here/what is seen as appropriate? I mean that in sense of; is it considered rude to criticize unless someone specifically asked for it, or is constructive feedback generally appreciated?

I'm by no means an expert and won't be for a long time, but am very used to creative environments in which people are pretty free with giving feedback and very direct in the way they do it, so I just want to make sure I don't offend anyone without realizing it.

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