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need testers for sunhat

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I need testers to test this pin wheel patriotic crochet sunhat. I don't know if it skill level should be easy or intermediate. So I'm looking for both beginner crocheters and up to intermediate crocheters. Advance can also test, but I'm looking to see what you all think for skill level. Also looking to make sure the numbers are right and words correct...look for typo's. I'm not concerned about the gauge. You can use any fibers you would like. I used Reynolds Kids Cottontail which is listed as a #4 med weight yarn.

A US G6/4.00MM hook

I would like this hat finished by next Sunday. I have sizes 0-3, 3-6,6-18,2T-8y,9y-teen,adults for sizes that need to be tested. So if you have a preference of a size you would like to test, please let me know. If not then I'll assign a size for you to make.

You can email me at sandy50pow@yahoo.com

thanks so much, looking forward to hearing from some of you


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