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Strings and Strands in Atlanta


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I was in Atlanta about a week ago, and I visited Strings and Strands on Wieuca Road (at Roswell Road). I am a new crocheter, and this was my first visit to a LYS. There was wall to wall yarn--some really nice stuff. If you're interested, you can visit their web site (see below) to see what brands they carry. I wanted to get some Colinette Prism to make the Prism Shawl in Interweave Knits Crochet (IKC), but they didn't carry that particular yarn.



They had copies of IKC and Family Circle Easy Crochet, but everything else was knitting-oriented. I asked if they carried any other crochet publications, and she said they were just beginning to see interest in crocheting. They had lots of knitting magazines, books, and patterns; and they offer knitting classes on Mondays. They also had knitting project kits, tote bags, and other accessories.



The lady working was reserved at first, and I thought I was experiencing the rumored snooty yarn shop employee looking down her nose at a crocheter, but she was friendly once I started making conversation with her.


The web site is pretty good:


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Aren't LYS awesome? I can't go to one without spending a fortune. My sister lives in Atlanta and so now I know another place that I need to shop at while I'm there! (I usually won't go visit unless I have at least $200 to go to Lennox and update my wardrobe with cool Atlanta clothes!)


It's too bad they don't have a lot of crochet stuff, but that's pretty typical. We crocheters just need to get out there and show our faces more - I know there are tons of us, we just need to remind the stores that knitters aren't the only ones using their yarns!

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