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Granny squares 2nd annual Happy Birthday Friendship/Comfortghan

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Hi everyone


I'm sorry for the long absence, I finally got my tablet running ok, since I still don't have a computer.


Things have been pretty good around here, my kids are doing well, my daughter was accepted into a school to become a drug counselor, she's thrilled and I'm really proud of her. My oldest son graduates from high school next month and was accepted into the criminal justice program at our local college, so that's great. My two younger sons are doing well, and everyone's healthy (knock wood) so I'm thankful for that.


I wanted to thank you ladies who sent me squares for my birthday in December. I loved them, but lost the envelopes. :(, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You really cheered up my holidays and birthday so much.


I'm off to read back what I've missed! So happy to be back!

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I've been working on the Sophie's Universe, too. I'm making a Frozen-inspired one. Here's a picture from about a week ago. I'm a little farther along   :    

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HELLO to all. Hello to all!!! Day two of my Recovry from the deep cyber Beyond. That is fascinating crochet fan I will mention that to daughter thank you for that!

I f only hav the black screen. I can get nothing on mine but black. I miss is. It my little iPad buddy is working hard.

When I couldn't sign on with the ville, it was only only the vill on both the desk top and the iPad and since it happened once before in April I suspected I was blocked for trying so many times to sign in. Word of advice to all please if you have trouble with signing in don't try more than twice contact an admin for help. It is also good to have that email in you contact list and really can't stress this enough, get so,e contact emails,either through owl amps list or pm the and do that now before you may need them. Please the emails will be confidential and not given out to non members of the group. Do this today ok


In other news. I am going to do a new thread today and request amy close to posting the old one!! TOday is Moving Day ladies I hope you brought gloves and two wheelers as there might be some heavy lifting involved!!!


JUst fooling with you! No interruptions just a simple scootch on over to the new and improved thread!!


A lovely clean slate or canvas awaits our first posts soon. Now I must work a bit to work off the biscuits and gravy I just finished!!!

GOod to see you Katiebug and snow Bear and Rosie what a lovely home coming gift to have you all back home here!!


The sun is trying to come out Linda. My guess is that it will succeed around noon!!

BRenda and carol how you all doing!! I can't get to my contact email list till that graphic card is replaced so will some please try to contact thos two and make sure they are still with. Us. I'm not paranoid she said just more cautious lol.


As for the scrubby thing if you can wait it's on my desktop computer but did you mean to say bag cause I have never made a bag per say. I know it's these iPads thy automatically fill in or correct things withou asking!! Mine is like an over exuberant puppy!! So anxious to p.lease that is all over my words sometimes before I type them. Lol must figure out how to turn that off!! It much like that puppy one can only smile and know it's trying hard cause it loves you!!

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Well hey lol it's like this. It is much too tedious to use this iPad to start a new thread so if it's all the same to you guys I will try avian after while I got it almost done and either hit something I shouldn't have and lost it but I will try it again later today .Sheesh lol. Lot of typing lost there Oh well will try after while ok.

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Katy I'm here. Cell phone signal is getting worse so I drop a lot at home. I dont turn the computer on every day.


Owlvamp if I remember correctly katy's scrubbies were just a few rounds and single thickness from the spoked hotpads you (we)were making. This was derived from the round part of the square from this pattern.





I can't remember a bag.

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Rosie that is a very pretty square in your icon!!

Oh good Brenda we we not at all paranoid ha ha sorry about your phone. Owlvamp it is that patter I think that Brenda linked used only less rounds to make them the right size. thanks Brenda lol

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Admin Note: This thread has over 16,000 posts and is getting a bit unwieldy, so we're starting a brand-new thread. I'm closing this thread, but it will remain so you everyone can still access the posts for reference. Click this link to go to the new thread.

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