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Granny squares 2nd annual Happy Birthday Friendship/Comfortghan

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Admin Note: This thread has over 16,000 posts and is getting a bit unwieldy, so we're starting a brand-new thread. I'm closing this thread, but it will remain so you everyone can still access the posts for reference. Click this link to go to the new thread.



January 2016 Opens our2nd annual Happy Birthday afghan crochet along!! .

Birthday Square Comfort-ghan/friendship ghan  Open to All! To run from January 2016, thru Dec as it stands now.(we'll see how it goes! ) If you haven't yet joined us, it's not too late, just so your birthday is not past when you join, i will get you on the list! .
 we are a group of granny-holics willing to make you some granny squares for your afghan, and maybe getting a few squares too, for ours, from others on the list!!
All you have to do, is pm me your pertinent info, such as full name,
Current address,  and size and color of the squares you desire, and your birth month,  to me, and on your Birthday Month, you should at least receive a square (s) to celebrate your birth month…from one, or more than one of us! it’s a win win situation! 
There are no strings attached, most of us, will chose to send out each month, as well as receive some on their specified month,  but as always, whom you mail to, and when, or even if, is your decision, this is just  a birthday list for those that want to participate in making someone’s birthday special! If you can’t send this month, make it up maybe another month. Nothing says you have to send, to receive here.FOr those of us not collecting on our birthdays, but still sending, a card would be very welcomed to make her day special!
In months where there are several birthday names, you may chose to send to all, or one, the choice is yours if you decide sending is really more fun, almost, than receiving, lol
Im hoping  that each month,  both single or multiple birthdays   that everyone on the list that month receives at least one puffy, Cards are a nice touch too, to tuck into the puffy, but not required.
you still must pm the chosen participant (s) yourself, for their current addy, and mail away your birthday wishes, to one, or more,  of your choice and for those members that send, but are not collecting, a pretty b day card, would be lovely.
To make it simpler for you to pm the birthday squares for their addy, you may click on their name listed below, and it will take you to their page, and then just click on pm.
I will post the monthly list by name,and you may then come to this page and check on their preferences.
No deadlines, no mailing dates, only mail within that month, and only one thing  is expected in return, and  of course, that is a  “thank you “ posted in the thread, and if possible, pics, we covet pictures here, so post away!
Any other questions, pm me, ill help where I can. I hope this goes really well, it’s so nice to be thought of special on your special day at least!! I can’t wait to get started! We have all 12 months posted below for those that may like to work ahead, enjoy, have fun!
It is generally known that all yarns used unless otherwise specified in their preferences, is 4 ply, med weight, acrylic yarns. Most used yarns are Red Heart Super  Saver, Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, Vanna's, Impeccable Loops and threads, and store brands like Michaels Crafters Choice. All washable,and durable, no wool unless it is specified.
Please click on the name you chose, to visit her profile page, and to send pm.to get address or if you have questions..  thanks!
January Birthday Months for 2016

  Tribble 79                                                                              
6 inch squares any color and yarn that the maker has on hand. Just the same size of course. I think I am gonna make it a fun and funky blanket instead of just certain colors! Thanks


8 inch rainbow bright colors or mixed colors, varg. Ok.


February Birthday Month  


Snowbear all color squares except orange or black. And still 6" squares. Thanks.


March Birthday Month 


Yarn-monkey    8 inch shades of blue are preferred. 




any size or color squares

any size,any colors , solids or combinations, some varigated is ok.

8 inch any colors.


8" light or bright colors, purple, blue, mixed colors & variegated okay



would  love any size, any color square as she  would like to do one of those kind of afghans. Just no skinny slippery yarn! 








 using a 6 mm -J hook, and would like only solid squares in RHSS, and only in all shades of purples, blues, greens and whites if anyone chooses to send to me around my Birthday time- April 6. I also do ch2 spaces in corners and no chains along sides. I am also turning after every round but if squares are done without turning that is fine and will also work. I need only 3 rounds and they should measure approx. 4".





collecting yellow and purple squares (some white is okay) in sizes 3", 6", 9", and 12". RHSS preferred, Bernat Super Value acceptable.





May Birthday Month






8 inch, any color, but orange no caron ss


sandra  has changed her prefs for squares, she would like squares to finish up her midnight brights project

, i am awaiting a refrersher on colors and size, if I remember correctly, it was 4 inch squares, in several preferred colors, but i can't remember much more,


you can message her for her info if you too have a memory, (non exixtant) lol like me, thanks..Or check her thread on midnight brights afghan im sue it's still running...... Here us that list ladies, enjoy!!

88 purple--Amethyst need 16
92 pink-- Pretty-in-Pink --need 20
88 orange-- Pumpkin -- need 29
82 yellow -- Bright yellow -- need 26
80 green-- Paddy green --need 20
80 blue -- need 44

3 rounds of color and 1 round of black = 4 inches


3 rounds of the color equals 4 inches with the 1 round of black is a little over 5 inches.
I"ll make sure the size is good, thanks.



June Birthdays


not collecting squares, but sends out, how bout a card or something.Brenda does a lot for all of us, so lets spoil her this month..






  she is requesting 12 inch squares in shades of blue plese. addy not verified, pm for address. 







August 2016









Jessicalli 6  0r 12 inch, pink, grey white, solid colors, no 
variegated, RHSS Or ILTY preferred.please pm for addy, thank you


Oct. Birthdays



 I would like to make a Christmas afghan with squares in white and Christmasy reds and greens, variegated yarn in Christmas colors would be fine too.


Carol is finally accepting squares, in Christmas colors , red green gold, etc.. This is our chance to reciprocate for all the many squares she has sent us al over the years!!




 12 inch  inch WW acrylic (please no Simply Soft  slick-like yarns) ,  Christmas colors i.e. red, green, and white, solid color or any combination of multiple colors, variegated okay too!   please pm for addy. 






November Birthdays.......2016



Dec Birthdays



Lovin2Crochet  carole wold love 6 inch,Christmas colors, and was born on Christmas day please pm for addy. 




any size or color of squares  please pm for addy 




any color 3 or  6 inch squares, no varigated though please.   



please pm for addy. 






she would like any size, any color squares!please pm for addy. 





she has enough 6 inch..needs some 3 inch in bright solids please.please pm for addy. 





>>>>>>>>>> Please send in info ,if you find omission, or incorrect info, thank you all.       ladies..... Please all click on your name too, to check that it leads to your profile for easier messaging, thanks.     

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thanks! Katiebug and Immafreek, you are now the proud possesser of a Red Vee in front of your names!

I think, when all the verifications get in I will start at the top of the list again! Hooray for grannys! and squares, like us!

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a note to all, first of all thanks go to Amy for her speedy replies, help guidance, and advice, it is much appreciated.....



Secondly, to answer a question that was asked, as most of us have some form of the list that Sue had sent out, and even if you work from that list of addresses, it would probably be best to email or pm to verify it anyways. Just a thought!


Also, I might reccomend that in cases where the member has not yet answered your email, or pm and before committing to making a square for her or him, in addition to pm'ng them, you can also check a person's status, as to when they last posted. That sometimes is helpful. I have run across a few myself, that haven't posted for a very long time..not particualry on this cal, but in other places...... ok Thanks! if you don't know how, which Im sure most of you do, lemme know, Ill explain it, it's easy......thanks again.:tup

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Wow it is roomy in here! Love what you've done with the place & love that the CAL lives on!


I have severely slacked in my square sending, but I had a relatively recent copy of the list so that will be my starting point.


All of my info is correct and with any luck I can start churning out some new squares!




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Katy is correct...if you have me on a list, the address will be wrong starting June 1!


So if I would be so lucky as to receive a square from you, please do contact me so you will have the correct address!


Woot! and thanks!


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Tiffer now has earned her V!




Here I thought I did that long ago! LOL j/k j/k.



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:cheer YEA!!!!! :cheer


I am so happy this is continueing!!!

thanks Susan, we are too! Please verify your info in the first post, and I will update it for you, I put a v in front of the names that have verified, so we all know their info is correct! Thanks!! Glad you found your way here!

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:waving:waving:waving Hi!!! :waving:waving:waving


I'm so glad this CAL is staying around... I'm just getting started! Thanks, katyallen8090 for all the hard work!!! :hug


And yes, all my info is right. :)

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