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Booth Volunteers Needed: Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester

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Crochetville and Red Heart are co-sponsoring a booth at the Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester, NH from June 29 through July 1.


We'd love to have Crochetville members volunteer to help out in the booth.


Here are some of the things you could help with:


1. Talk to customers and show them around the booth

2. Help customers select yarn

3. Help customers select a pattern from our online pattern store or the Red Heart pattern book (we hope to have an iPad available for this)

4. Run the cash register (actually an iPad using Square Register app)

5. Best of all: meet Amy and Donna in person (actually, this should read, give US the chance to meet YOU!)


If you'll be attending the show/CGOA conference, post in this thread and let us know what days and times you might be available to help us out.


Whether you want to spend 30 minutes or a few hours with us, we'd love for you to help!


Even if you don't want to work in the booth, please stop by the booth to see us. Since we'll be staffing the booth, we won't have much time available to wander around, socialize, and meet and greet people in other places. At least you'll always know where you'll be able to find us if you need us! :hook

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