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Hello From Kay's Crochet Patterns

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So happy to see a website forum that is all about crocheting! :cheer


My name is Kay and I have been crocheting off and on for 35 years. Yikes! My grandma taught me when I was 10.


With my first grandbabies coming this year, I started crocheting again and rekindled my love and passion for crocheting.


My daughters and I make the patterns and baby blankets together and donate many of them to charity. In order to buy more supplies we decided to sell the patterns and finished blankets.


I am also a free lance writer so I I have also started publishing my crochet patterns on Nook and Kindle. I love to help other people that maybe are not familiar with self publishing etc.


We just got our website up and running. Still needs a lot more put on it but if you see any errors please tell me.


Many of our fleece blanket patterns use the Skip Stitch blade to make the crochet holes in the edges. We also sell the skip stitch blades.


Most of our patterns are very quick, easy and fun to make.



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Hello and welcome from Florida's gulf coast - I'm glad you joined, and wish you luck with your website!

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Hi Kay, I have my patterns on Etsy and a few other places also. I create different doily patterns. I also have them on the kindle but not on the nook. Could you tell me how you got your patterns on the nook. I tried to self publish smashwords to get them on the nook and apple but I could not get them to upload properly so I gave up. Do you self publish by print on demand? I have signed up for amazon create space but I have not got far with that as I know nothing about publishing. I semi created a cover but as far as the inside of the book I have done nothing. I also clicked on your blog. I did not know about the contest changes on facebook. I do drawings to give away patterns almost weekly. I tried to click on the link you had but I got an error. I am doing a drawing tomorrow, so I will have to find out about the changes. I would appreciate any info you could give me. Here is a link to my shop if you want to see my patterns http://www.etsy.com/shop/vjf25. Valerie

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Welcome from another Florida Gulfcoast member! Since you enjoy making the crochet borders on fleece blankets, you might also be interested in the EdgeryDoo tool in addition to the Quick Stitch blades for rotary cutters. http://www.edgerydoo.com/edgerydoo.html This site will introduce you to it and you can see lots of examples of its use as well as order one or a set if you're interested. Just one more tool to do the style blankets you make. If you're already familiar with it, sorry but maybe someone else reading along will benefit. If you haven't seen them before, you might just get as excited as I did first time I saw the Edgerydoo! It is quite a unique idea.


I still like using the Quick Stitch Blade too though. The Edgerydoo doesn't replace it, just adds another option. In fact, I just ordered a new Quick Stitch blade from your site, as I don't know what I've done with mine and your price looks pretty reasonable. Crazy to have so many craft items you lose track of one! I'm not as organized as I wish I was.


Hope you like the forum. I have been gone for a while but trying to get back to crochet after surgery on my elbow last year. Maybe a few crochet borders on fleece blankets will make an easy transition back to it! :) I'll look forward to receiving my new QS blade from you. BTW have you thought about carrying the other sizes of QS blades for flannel and lacings? I could probably use one of the #2 blades for flannel. In Florida, fleece is sometimes too much. Flannel offers a lighter-weight option. The #2 blades make smaller holes closer together than the Original.

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Hi Valerie


Sorry for the late reply but I was on my first vacation in over 7 years.


I have found uploading my crochet patterns on Nook to be MUCH easier than Kindle. Stay away from Smashwords as it can really mess up your Amazon sales.


Remember you really do not need to put your patterns in apple format because they can still view it with the kindle or nook version.


My number one tip for publishing on Kindle and Nook is to always type your pattern/ebook into Microsoft word 2003. This is also what Kindle recommends. For some reason that old version of word translates best to uploading your e patterns.


Once you have it in word you just upload on the Nook "add a title" page. It will also have you upload the cover. Then it will convert it to epub for you. Honestly its much easier than Kindle.


For my larger e-books for Kindle I pay a wonderful man to format it for me. He also adds in all the legal talk, table of content etc. Its usually around 20.00 so well worth it to have your pattern look good. For small single patterns I just do it myself. He is at everythingindie.com


I will have to go fix that link in my blog! A friend of mine had her FB shut down for doing a giveaway without the app that they want everyone to use so be careful. If you search thru older posts there is more about self publishing.


I do not put mine in print because I find that e versions are much more successful. Most want to be able to read it on their nook or kindle so they can take the pattern with them. Others like the computer version so they can print it themselves.


My nook crochet patterns are outselling my Kindle right now so be sure and get yours on there!


I looked at your Etsy store. Love your patterns!! Okay I have a bunch of tips that you can do to your Etsy store to get more views but I will wait to see if you want them. Some get upset when I recommend what to do and others love it. So I tread carefully now :)




Thanks so much for your order! I normally do sell the blade for flannel but I am out of them right now. I will be reordering them this week. I have a couple of the big ribbon blades but I haven't tried them yet.


I have seen the edgerydoo but it seemed a little too complicated for me? I will have to look again.

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