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Can anyone translate a Russian pattern?


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You would need to follow the diagram, that is how alot of us do it. Plus looking at the picture helps too...

this looks like a cluster stitch done in groups of 7 treble crochets. Instead of just a simple chain over to the next cluster, it also appears that they are chaining 4 and then down to a sc, chain 4 again and back up to cluster once more. It sticks out more than the clusters we usually do because they are using groups of 7 (instead of 2 or 3) and going up and down with the chains plus sc in between. But it is definitely a cluster stitch.

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Here are a couple of sites that explain diagrams. The are much easier to follow than words, IMHO. These sites use US terms, but that's another thing about diagrams - no terms. "x" for single crochet, and taller stitches are a vertical line with 1 horizontal cross for every yarn over made before you make the stitch--example a double crochet looks like a "t" with 1 cross, a treble would have 2 horizontal crosses, a double treble as used in the pattern you linked has 3 yarnovers and 3 horizontal crosses, etc.


In the pattern you linked, the numbers inside the clusters are the number of stitches in the cluster. The numbers along the side, 1p, 2p are undoubtedly the row numbers.




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This is Google translated.... I think they are using the word knit in place of the word crochet.....Also they use the word temperature instead of color.




Stylish surround pattern is made ​​crochet knitting with elements of "bumps" . Embossed "bumps" form a group of 7 with three bars unfinished yo knit from a single loop, then knit together. According to the original pattern can be related to the scarf, and Melange Yarn further emphasizes the expressiveness of "knobs".


It should be noted, as knitted fabric obtained voluminous and dense, is also increased consumption of yarn. Let us consider the technique of knitting this pattern, the pattern of the Chinese magazine with a few changes:


<! - More ->

In order to reduce the hole between the "knobs" reduce the number of air between the knobs loops, so dial the initial chain, given that the rapport is 6 temperature. loops.

Diagram of the pattern "bumps" as amended:


The first row and the subsequent odd-numbered rows (which are knitted on the front side), start with 4 temperature. loops rise,


Further Knit the first "bumps" of the 6 outstanding columns with 3 yo from one loop.


Knit all the unfinished columns, always do one temperature. loop to secure the "bumps".


Then * Knit 4 temperature loops, fasten the chain sc in the initial chain through the two loops of the first bumps (in the subsequent odd-numbered rows sc fit knobs on the top of the previous row), re-dial the four temperature. loop


Knit and the second "bumps" of the 7 columns with 3 yo, by introducing a hook through 2 loops of the initial chain (in the following series "knobble"

tally from the sc of previous row).


After finishing second "bumps" repeat from * to end (remember that number should end with "bumps"). second row start with a single air-lift loop. Then knit st. b / n on the "bumps", 2 temperature. loop


and start vyvyazyvat * "bumps" from the 7-item s/3n by introducing the hook in the art. b / n the previous row.


Since the second row and all subsequent even-numbered rows are knitted on the wrong side, provyazyvaya them "bumps" straighten them on the front side. After finishing "bumps", knit 2 temperature. Loop, p. b / n on the top of the "bumps" of the previous series, two new temperature. loops and then "bumps", repeating after * completing a series of Art. b / n on the top of the "bumps" in 1st line.


The third and all subsequent odd rows knit the first and all even as the second. Knit fabric the desired length, finish knitting the odd side.

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That was greek to me...I think I'll stick to the diagram & pics...:lol


Sorry couldn't resist the urge to make a bad joke...

but thanks for the work of doing the translation thing...

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