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my doily's

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It looks like you have a nice start!


Doilies, and lace in general, are much improved by blocking. It really makes the pattern stand out! Some people think this means starching them to death, but starch doesn't need to be involved. The idea is to open up the pattern, not make a doily frisbee.


Find a piece of corrugate cardboard, or poster board (you can get thin stuff at the Dollar Tree, I use a thicker poster board I found at Michaels).


Get some rust proof pins - important ! They WILL rust all over your doily otherwise. Been there, wrecked a doily :(


Get some saran wrap or wax paper.


Thoroughly wet your doily. Optional - spray with spray starch. This will give it a little 'body', not make it stiff. Squeeze out the excess water/starch (gently).


Put the saran or wax paper on the card/poster board. Put the doily on it, spread it out and pin it evenly. Don't be afraid to stretch it .


Let it dry, this can take over a day depending on the weather. On nice days I take mine out in the sun for an hour or 2.

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Absolutely pretty, but should be blocked, hard to see the details when they are not.

Prior to blocking (and wetting) make sure they were made from Mercerized cotton,

Other cottons may have problems with colors running when wet.

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Keep at it!

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