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I have a gaggle of girlfriends on the Hello Kitty obsession bandwagon, and what kind of crafty pal would I be if I didn't try and encourage it through crochet? I haven't had any luck finding stuff that isn't a hat. My friends are looking for things like coasters and placemats, oven mitts and the like. Does anyone know of a good resource for free Hello Kitty patterns?


I'm sure there might be some books that have patterns in them from like Japan or what not, but if there were...I'd have to learn how to read the symbols as I have been told now that japanese symbols are quite different than used elsewhere.


Anyone with any ideas would be more than welcome! I did see on my friends' Pintrest app she was using, some adorable Hello Kitty grannie style mini squares, but I don't feel confident enough yet to freeform and try something so lofty, even though I haven't been far away from a hook for over a year now.


Any ideas would be most appreciated!!

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on CPC you may be able to find some ami similar to hellokitty. b/c she is copywrited, if something looks too similar they would need permission from the holder. I know of one pattern that a designer withdrew b/c the owners of a brand name saw it and asked that designer to remove her version of their brand item. So look for similar names as well: "Cute kitty" for example. might help.


also, symbols in the Japanese patterns I've seen, don't look any different than US/UK symbols...it's the universal language for crochet. this website for example. the translator-device calls it knitting...so when the blogger ads a link to a pattern, it often says, "knitting figure it", followed by the hyper link. I've downloaded a couple patterns, and the symbols look exactly the same to me.


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