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Make Your Own Sock Blocker Tutorial

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:pinterest :facebookI've tried to post this on Ravelry a few times and they keep deleting it (and leaving the other sock blocker tutorial in tact) so I'm gonna post it here. I hope that's ok. It really is useful and so much cheaper and it's kinda fun too.


Here it is:


Sock blockers are expensive and I needed a cheaper alternative so I made my own. Here are my instructions on how to make your own. They only cost a few dollars a piece and you can make quite a few sock blockers out of one Foam Board.



PDF of Template:Sock Blocker Template.pdf




3/16” Thick Foam Board (can be purchased at wal-mart)

Box Cutter or sharp knife(Scissors do not work well on the Foam Board. They pretty much destroy it)

Clear Packing Tape (I covered my sock blocker in it to kinda water proof it and to make it easier to slide the sock on and off)





  1. Print out Template. If it’s to large or small, you can use a copier to reduce or enlarge it.
  2. Cut out the template.
  3. Place the template on the Foam board and trace around it with a marker that is easy to see. Don’t forget about the leg of the blocker. Be sure and leave room for that on the Foam board.
  4. Cut out your sock blocker using the box cutter.
  5. Using the packing tape, cover the sock blocker. This will prevent water damage.
  6. Enjoy your sock blocker.

If this is helpful or you have any questions please leave a comment.

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It's a great idea. And a lot cheaper than manufactured ones.



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I used coat hangers i the shape of socks. Found the instructions somewhere on internet. Worked pretty good too!

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