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making your own felt project?

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i have only felted once before, with a pattern, and it did not come out right so now I am winging it.


I picked up some "I love this wool" yarn at hobby lobby last week.

It is 93 % wool, 7 % polyamide. ( just noticed that. Not 100% wool)

also Superwash is no where on the label.I have already made 2 test swatches. I to felt and 1 to compare it to.


My questions:


Will it still felt?


Generaly speaking, How do I figure out how many stitches and rows I need for my project to be the correct size when finished?


And lastly,I just read an article that mentioned boiling to felt, is that what it sounds like?


thanks in advance for the help and advice!

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Good for you for swatching! You'll be able to tell us if it felts better than we can tell you!


The may process of wet felting is hot wool (to open the scales), detergent (to change the pH) and agitation.


Some folks use the washing machine to agitate, others use bubble wrap or a washing board or bamboo mat, others use boiling water.


Would love to see your before and after pics.

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Your yarn will probably felt "somewhat". You can make interesting projects with less than 100% wool, but you have to be in the mood for a surprise.

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