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We have been using our Business Page to share things that awe, inspire, make me smile, make me wonder "what were they thinking" and last just make me happy to look at Happy Babies and Beautiful Wild Animals and whatever strikes my fancy that day.


We are planning to begin a FB promotion that will give away gift certificates to be used in our e-store - with bonus for those who are registered customer newsletter subscribers.  I hope you will consider "liking" our business page at:



Enjoy The Making



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Here is Crochetville's page: www.facebook.com/crochetville


We're featuring our A Tour through Crochet Country right now: a blog tour featuring stops with 1 or 2 designers a day. Some are giving away free patterns, tutorials, and all sorts of things. All participating designers are also either professional or associate professional members of the Crochet Guild of America. We're also supporting Project Night Night and encouraging visitors to make blankets and/or donate money to the organization.

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My crochet "business" is a website listing of crochet events and travel.  I'm just getting started. Here's my facebook page:



Please let me know if you have events to be posted.  You can send a note through facebook on on the contact form at www.crochetgetaway.com.


Thanks! I'm so happy to have found this supportive community of crochet enthusiasts!


Gwyn Goodrow

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