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Amigurumi Kokeshi Dolls

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I recently made my own Kokeshi doll, and want to share it with everyone :yay I’m addicted to them now, you can change the colours and hairstyles to whatever you want! It’s a really easy pattern, but sometimes I may not describe something correctly, so lemmie know if anything is confusing :s


I suggest you some kinda weight at the bottom. Although she'll have a flatten bottom, she might still be a bit top-heavy :)

I used some random DK wool I had hanging around, and a 2.5mm hook.

You can put whatever you want in her hands, ofcourse, but i managed to get lil paper roses, so made a mini-basket for the pink one :D








ch – chain

sc – single crochet

When a line says, for example ‘*sc,inc* round’, I mean to do a single crochet then 2 single crochets in the next stich. Repeat until you reach the end of the round.

This pattern assumes you are using 2 colours for the doll’s clothing, its up to you ofcourse :)



-Start in skin colour-

1. 6 sc in a Magic Circle (6)

2. *inc* round (12)

3. *sc, inc* round (18)

4. *sc, sc, inc* round (24)

5. *sc, sc, sc, inc* round (30)

6. *sc, sc, sc, sc, inc* round (36)

7-12. even (36)

13. *sc,sc,sc,sc,dec* round (30)

14. *sc,sc,sc,dec* round (24)

15. *sc,sc,dec* round (18)

16. *sc, dec* round (12)

-Change to clothing colour 1-

17. FRONTLOOP – sc round (12)

18. *sc, inc* round (18)

19. *sc,sc,inc* round (24)

20. *sc,sc,sc,inc* round (30)

21-30. even (30)

31. *sc,sc,sc,dec* round (24)

32. *sc,sc,dec* round (18)

33. BACKLOOP – even (18)

34. *sc,dec* round (12)

35. dec round (6)

Cast off, weave in ends



1. 6 sc in a magic circle (6)

2. *inc* round (12)

3. *sc, inc* round (18)

4. *sc,sc,inc* round (24)

5. *sc,sc,sc,inc* round (30)

6. *sc,sc,sc,sc,inc* round (36)

7-13. even (36)

14-21. ch 1. Turn piece around, sc 24 (24)


Hair (bun) – optional

1. 6 sc in magic circle (6)

2. *inc* round (12)

3. *sc,inc* round (18)

4. *sc,sc,inc* round (24)

5-8. even (24)

9. *sc,sc,dec* round (18)

10. *sc,dec* round (12)

Cast off, sew to hair.


Hairband (-Clothing colour 2-)

1. ch13. sc in 2nd ch from hook. continue sc down (12)

2.ch1, turn and sc across (12)

Cast off. Sew around hair bun.


Obi (-Clothing colour 2-)


1. ch31. sc in 2nd ch from hook. sc down (30) – cast off


1. ch11. sc in 2nd ch from hook. sc down (10)

2-8. ch1. turn and sc back dow the row (10)

Cast off. Fold rectangle in half. attach to sash, and sew around doll



Arms/Sleeves (make two)

1. 4sc in a magic circle (4)

2. *inc* round (8)

3. even (8)

4. *sc,inc* round (12)

5. *sc,sc,inc* round (16)

6. even (16)

7. *sc,sc,sc,inc* round (20)

8. even (20)

9. *sc,sc,sc,sc,inc* round (24)

10. even (24)

-Change to clothing colour 2-

11. even (24)

Cast off


Hands (optional)

1. 4 sc in magic circle (4)

2. *inc* round (8)

3-5. even (8)

Cast off, sew into sleeves


The flower in her hair is a pattern by Stephanie Jessica Lau, who has a blog called ‘All About Ami’ http://allaboutami.tumblr.com/ I have her permission to post her pattern :manyheart



»»Ch 21.

»»R1: *Dc, ch1, dc* in fifth ch from hook. *Ch1, sk1. Dc, ch 1,

dc in next stitch* till the end (repeat 8 times). (Result is 9 sets

of double crochet ‘V’s.) Ch 3 and turn.

»»R2: In first ch1 space between the double crochet V’s, dc

4 times. *Sl st in next ch1 space between the double crochet

v’s. Dc 5 times* till the end (repeat 9 times). Sl st in last stitch

in row. Fasten off and leave long end for sewing. With long end

on the right side, roll the flower inwards (clockwise motion),

placing the petals how you would like. Use yarn needle to sew

the long end through the layers of the flower to fasten them in

place. Attach the flower to the side of the head.



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very very cute! I didn't know that was the name for them. I have one my brother brought me back from Japan when I was a LOT younger than I am now :lol

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I love them! I went to the New Year's celebration at the JANM in L.A. and saw crochet books with patterns for them and haven't gotten around to them. I'm making at least one! TFS :manyheart:manyheart

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She is so cute. I'm making one when I'm done with my grandbaby-to-be's blanket. If it's a girl I'll be making several for her.:manyheart

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I love Kokeshi dolls - reminds of when I used to play zOMG on Gaia Online - an online Role Playing Game on a site primarily for artists. Good times....


Now I can make one of my own (or more likely for my best friend to steal from me). Ha ha.


Thanks for this - got so many patterns pending start and finish. Will try it as soon as I can!

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