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Strawberry Shortcake


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Received a package yesterday, and was deliglhtfully surprised with a Valentine's day gift from a wonderful former Swap Partner. We have stayed in touch for a long time. She sent my dh a heart of chocolate, and sent me a lovely craft book along with a sewn change purse made from ribbons. But the container made in the shape of a strawberry shortcake (filled with sugar free chocolates) was the ultimate delight for me. Sorry pic is a little off color (camera battery in process of quitting). It goes so well with the placemats on my small island, and the red highlights I like to use for the kitchen area.


The red crocheted basket is also from another partner. I realized today that I have 12 Crochetville gifted items in my great room area!!! 9 of which are crocheted. How blessed I am!!!:hook

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I adore crocheted food.

Maybe because I find crochet delicious? :think


Very sweet gift, are there any chocolates left? :D

Surprisingly, yes!! As yummy as they are, and even tho they are sugar free, I am behaving and only eating one or 2 a day...;)

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