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Whew, can't believe a month has passed and I am just getting around to this. Hope it is okay to introduce our business here since we do offer quite a bit of things for "other crafts" not to mention lots of purse related hardware and handles


Our on-line business, ItsAllJustString.com offers a variety of crochet hooks and tools sometimes not easily available elsewhere (like smaller size Tunisian and Double End hooks)


We also carry many useful things for those who Bead, Braid/Kumihimo, Embellish, Quilt and Sew.


And Yarn, did I mention all available space is not getting covered in huge boxes of wonderful yarns. including once they all get into the catalog at least 10 "ruffle yarns" with more to come soon.


Although we usually show list prices, with additional discounts for those who register for our newsletter, members of CV are welcome to use the Current 1st Order Code for CV: CV-2012-1Q (this will change from time to time, so check our ads in the 'ville.


As a holder of strong opinions, some years ago I decided it would be best to have that separate. You can read some of my sometimes inflammatory and sometimes informational and even a bit of advertorial thoughts in my blog: Wheat Wrote WHAT !?!?!?


That is also where some of my more helpful crochet references can be found.


Glad to be able to spend more time here at the 'ville


Enjoy The Making




p.s. don't forget to use the 1st order code so that a portion of that sale will be donated to Crochetville.

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