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2012 Winter RAOK Wish List

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Hi, since I see some wishes I can grant, I'll throw out a few things for myself!


Oh and my ravelry ID is the same as here: kuddlekubs


1. Bernat Mosaic yarn, any color. My new fav yarn!

2. Any issue of Inside Crochet, the mag from England.

3. Please share a smile with a stranger and make their day!

4. Black zippers, anything longer than 14". I use them in my totes.




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I was just looking through the list and decided I'd jump in!

Haven't done this in a long time so here it goes!

My Ravelry id is the same as my screen name here.


:bheart An edgerydoo

:bheartDress patterns to make for my 4 year old! Can be thread or other yarn! She loves dresses made by mommy!

:bheart I'd love to get a magic yarn ball or a scrap yarn ball!

:bheart 12'' any pattern/color friendship squares

:bheart Some safety eyes for ami's! I can only find wiggly eyes here...

:bheart Cute amigurumi patterns! I love making these for the kids!!!

:bheart Something to help me keep the kids happy while outside play is limited....

:bheartA pair of knit or crochet socks for my son! He has begged me to make him some and no matter how hard I try I can't get even one right! He's 16 and wears a size 9 shoe.

:bheart Anything with ladybugs! I love the ladybugs and they remind me of warmer weather!!!

:bheart Anything to help me organize while I start my early spring cleaning!!

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Well I already see one wish I can grant, thought I'd make a list then see what others I can grant. Partial skeins and destash welcomed


1) yarn, yarn, yarn - especially blues, purples, or bright green (kiddo's fave color is lime green EEK lol) I usually buy RHSS and would love to try other types of yarn any weight or fiber would be welcome


2) wool yarn I'd love to try felting


3) chenille yarn esp any Thick and Quick anyone has left in a stash, or baby clouds, I'd like to make a cocoon for a photographer friend to use in newborn shoots


4) anything Cars (2), Star Wars, or Angry Birds for my little man


5) thread size 3 or 10 preferably, I made the mistake of donating all mine before we moved thinking I wouldn't use it again and now I'm fighting a desperate urge to thread crochet


6) something handmade by you


7) donate new or gently used books to your local school and tell me about it, esp if you're in a rural area


8) anything chocolate


9) Joann's sensations casual boucle color #1122 (it's tan and cream) it's discontinued, I've started a project in it and think I need just one more skein if someone out there has one


10) bamboo or wooden hooks, I have acrylic and aluminum I'd love to try bamboo, any size, though I seem to use H and I most frequently


Thanks in advance to all the wonderful FGMs out there!

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:sun Winter Time Blues:sun


:wbrr1) Yarn-- cotton, worsted weight,bulky,chunky. (please no wool or mohair) any would be a treat since I am new to this and do not have a stash :no( Received some cotton from A wonderful Fl FGM)

:wbrr 2) Jewelry Findings -- beads,clasps,charms,ECT.....:manyheart


:wbrr 3) windchimes :cheer I love them and collect them


:wbrr 4) Hooks :hook would love to try the lighted ones, comfort handles, all sizes needed (received a comfy hook from FL FGM)


:wbrr 5) Anything handmade by fellow ville members:cheer


:wbrr 6) Knook.... would love to try this:hook


:wbrr 7) Sewing Materials-- Fabric,buttons,threads, :sew


:wbrr 8) pom-pom makers :c9


:wbrr 9) yarn winder :eek


:wbrr 10) any used paperback or hardback books (zebra romance) anything by Nora Roberts, Janelle Taylor :book :book

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1. soft touch hook size G

2. dark purple and light purple 4 ply yarn

3.dark pink and light pink baby yarn

4. cotton thread any color

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My Wishes **i'm in Canada**


-- Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, any colors...we don't have Hobby Lobby here:devil

-- Caron Simply Soft Brites any colors

-- Peaches N Cream cotton, all I can get is Bernat Handicrafter

-- 12' Granny Square to make myself an afghan:cheer

-- flavor coffees, ground or whole bean

-- any fun colored hooks :c9

-- any patterns I love surprises

-- recipes you love :manyheart

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Cute buttons


Pom-pom makers


Chocolate (any kind)


Any type of yarn you no longer have an interest in ;)


My Ravelry id is FMH


Fedora Granted :hug


Aviator hat Granted :hug


Brite colored yarn


Surprise me!!!



Stationary or blank cards and fun color pens ..... I write to my sailor son's that are stationed overseas alot

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This is my fury time doing a wishlist, so here it goes!



1) Prayers for my old house in OK to sell.


2) Make someone's day by smiling at them!


3) make something for charity, one of my favorites is http://marinecorpskids.blogspot.com


4) Red Heart Super Saver yarn in these colors: "cherry red", "black", or "Aran". I want to make hats for a baseball team and those are their colors.


5) This pattern on ravelry.





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I love looking through everyone's. Now that Im back let's see who I can make smile today...


Anywho, Heres mine.


~~~~Hooks!!! i need new hooks, can only seem to find my g & i. (we moved alot this year due to hardships and I am :think to figure out where mine are.)


~~~~any yarn you may not want. i use a TON of white, but will give love to anything sent!


~~~~anything you want to make for my babies, I have a 6 yr old boy, 4 yr old boy, 18 month old girl, and 4 week old girl (as of feb) they love stuffies, and carry them constantly!


~~~~any baby item pattern, such as clothes, booties, hats, etc. (I never seem to finish blankets when I start them, so please no more blankie patterns for me to start :lol)


Thank you everyone for reading!!:manyheart:manyheart

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Hello everyone:


I was going thru the participants here and so i can see i can raok some..

So i might as well join on the fun..


I just learned to play around with polymer clay and so by not having any sort of craft shops around my wish right now is:


1) Polymer Clay that you bake any and all colors and if they got glitter in it etc too...


2) I'd love some flowers or any others silicone push polymer clay molds....


3) Polymer Clay cutting knife


4) Tiny or mini cookie cutters that i will use for my Polymer clay.


5) Flat small glass beads so i can embed them onto my polymer clay


Thak you for looking ....



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I know I'm a little late but hoping I can squeeze in here...


My list is a short one. ;)


Any issues of Magic Crochet Magazine. I'm looking specifically for issue #s 87, 96, 106, and 113.


:hug Thanks for looking!

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It seems that my wish list really doesn't change from season to to season. I crochet, make plastic canvas projects and do some sewing with a group of volunteers and we make hand crafted items that are sold and we donate the profits to about 8 or 9 different charities.

1) I crochet towel toppers..I could use towels appropriate for the season.

2) I crochet hats and I like to make pomp-poms. I could use a large pom-pom maker.

3) Patterns- crochet a/o knit amis, toys, dolls etc.;-plastic canvas patterns for tissue boxes, ornaments, wall hangings or novelty items etc;- I have difficulty getting Jewish themed patterns so any would be appreciated. Used is ok.

4) fat quarter or fabric remnants to use for my stuffies, dolls. dresses etc.

5) lace or eyelet, for edgings, gathered or flat, in lengths of at least 3/4 yard

6) sheets of clear 7 mesh plastic canvas

7) anything hand made by you that I could donate for our sales.

I would appreciate anything you send. Thanks.

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